LoyalFans adds more features to their fanclub service

LoyalFans, a fan club platform formerly known as NexoCams, has announced updates to give models more control over their services. Developed by popular fetish site Clips4Sale, LoyalFans also teased future features including one-on-one video and audio calls.

Custom subscription prices and promo campaigns

Models are now able to set their own monthly subscription prices between $1-50. Models can also run promotional campaigns, offering free or discounted trial offers to new subscribers. Trial offers have become popular on other fanclub platforms, such as OnlyFans and MV Crush Club, and this new feature is a welcome addition to LoyalFans.

Model control over video previews

LoyalFans models can now choose what non-subscribers see when they scroll through the model’s feed. Models can choose from creating a free video preview, selecting a thumbnail, or displaying a locked icon to viewers without access. This feature is a great selling point, adding to the “FOMO” (fear of missing out) as a potential buyer scrolls through your feed, getting a taste of what they could be enjoying if they subscribed!


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