JustFor.Fans launches anti-piracy tool JFF Fingerprinting

JustFor.Fans has announced the release of a new anti-piracy tool called “JFF Fingerprinting”. Models who have experienced high levels of piracy can activate JFF fingerprinting, which embeds user information into all videos streamed and downloaded from JustFor.Fans. According to JustFor.Fans founder and owner Dominic Ford, this digital fingerprint survives editing, cropping and re-rendering.

From Dominic:

Once the video is found on a pirated website, an automatic decoder on JFF will grab the video from the URL and decode it, discovering which JFF member uploaded it,” said site owner Dominic Ford. “That member can then be dealt with appropriately (including banning them from JFF and potentially suing them for damages).
For nine years, my other company, Porn Guardian, has been on the forefront of fighting piracy,” Ford explained. “I’m very excited to bring some of the experience and technology we’ve used there to JustFor.fans. No other platform like ours is doing anything to fight piracy, and our new JFF Fingerprinting system will solidify JFF as the best and safest platform to host fan content.

JFF Fingerprinting not available to all models

The new system is only being rolled out to those models hit the hardest by piracy because JFF Fingerprinting’s technology is substantially more expensive to deploy than normal hosting. Dominic’s other company, Porn Guardian, has been used by sites like IWantClips–as well as individual models–to protect content from theft.


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