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The pantyhose/stockings fetish is a very popular niche that blends well with both vanilla content and other fetishes. As a clothing item, including pantyhose or stockings in a straightforward masturbation video, or in femdom videos, can broaden the appeal of that video to fetishists. In addition to researching your video ideas in the usual manner, the following 4 tips will help take your pantyhose content to the next level.


Make Sure To Get The Proper Size and Fit!

Unless your video specifically focuses on a too-small pair of pantyhose, there is no reason to stuff yourself into nylons like a sausage. You want your movements to be smooth, sexy, and unimpeded by an uncomfortable pair of nylons. When shopping for a new pair, look at the size chart on the box and go up one size. Trust me, the guys won’t notice and your thighs and belly will thank you.

You’ll be able to get your legs wider apart, and bend over further, both of which will help you show off features that many pantyhose fetishists love. I especially recommend going up one size if you are using control-top pantyhose; it’s a popular style for viewers, but can be a real struggle if you get them in your “proper” size.

I’ve found that wearing a larger size also makes my hose last longer, especially when it comes to the seams along the crotch and butt, both places that tend to rip on me (big butt problems).


Focus: Sub-Fetishes and Combining Multiple Fetish Elements

You’ll likely find this out while researching video ideas, but it bears repeating here, too. Within the nylon fetish community, there are sub-groups that focus on different aspects of the nylons. For example, some guys like pantyhose or stocking-clad feet, some like legs, some like your ass or crotch, and still others like to wear them personally. Combining multiple angles or offering a variety of clips with different focuses will up your sales.

I personally like to choose two focuses for each video; a primary and a secondary. If my primary focus is my butt in pantyhose, I will kneel with my ass to the camera, feet tucked up under my butt, which allows me to include some nylon foot fetish elements as my secondary focus. By including both in the video I have effectively doubled the pool of potential purchasers for the clip.


What Colors, Brands and Style Pantyhose To Start With

If you stand in the hosiery section of any department store, the selection is overwhelming. Sandal foot or reinforced toe? Control top or sheer to waist? Glossy or natural? From color to denier to brand, there are a lot of options. When you start out in this fetish, you’ll see the brand Wohlford a lot. Then you’ll google them and find out how much each pair costs and be blown away!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to shell out for luxury brands to succeed in this niche! You can get a lot done with common brands. Unless you have a fan willing spend the coin on fancy seamless pantyhose, don’t worry about it. two or three pairs with different characteristics will give you a lot of variety in the look of your videos, and will also allow you to focus on different parts of the pantyhose.

Sheer tan/nude and black are the most popular colors, and one in sheer to waist and one control top pair has you set for a few different options immediately. My personal favorite brand is sold at my local drugstore, and I save by stocking up with sales and coupons. Nylons never expire!


4) Pantyhose vs Stockings vs Hold-Ups

Most of this article has focused on pantyhose, as I personally have found that specifically pantyhose-focused videos sell better for me. However, because many sites lump stockings and pantyhose into one category for video listings, I would be remiss in not covering stockings and hold-ups (also known as thigh highs, stay-ups, and thick thigh hell). As neither cover your crotch, it is easy to add stockings to an otherwise vanilla sex or masturbation video, possibly giving your more vanilla content some fetish appeal. I would strongly recommend doing thorough research into stockings-specific fetish content, as they are so widely worn in a lingerie context by models in videos that catering specifically to the fetish crowd may be more difficult.


Pantyhose Is A Popular Fetish With Tons Of Possibilities!

The pantyhose niche is very popular as it is an accessible article of fetish clothing that can be easily incorporated into many scenarios. With a little planning and creativity, you can carve out some space for your own work in this best-selling category!


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