Foot Fetish Information For Camming Models

The Foot Fetish is a very common fetish. Foot fetish is so popular that it there is a joke that floats around in mainstream media about “selling feet pics for quick cash.” The joke doesn’t exactly nail it on the head with “quick cash” but the point still stands that selling photos, videos, and live shows of your feet is a very popular topic.


What do people like about feet?

  • The toes
  • The arch of your foot
  • The heel of your foot
  • The ball of your foot
  • The soles of your feet
  • The way you walk
  • The shoes you wear
  • “Footjobs”
  • The way you can dangle shoes on your feet
  • The socks you wear
  • Your ability to point/flex your toes or arches
  • Their smells
  • How dirty they are
  • How powerful/strong they are (able to crush things)
  • Your toenails/if they’re painted



How To Tease People With Your Feet

You can tease people with your breasts/ass, but does the same apply with feet? Definitely! If you know enough about your customer and what it is they like about your feet you can use this to your advantage to become a masterful foot tease. For example: if they like socks and the soles of your feet, slowly taking off a sock with the camera focused on the sole of your foot can do wonders for teasing a customer with your feet.


Doing Different Type of Foot Fetish Cam Shows

For some customers, looking at your foot is the fetish, and for others the idea of touching your feet with their genitals or “fucking your feet” will get them off. If you are doing live foot fetish shows, some good ways to gauge what your customer is interested is can be by asking questions, for example: “Do you like my pretty painted toenails?” or “Do you want to smell my feet?” This well help you to gain a better idea of what particular part of the foot fetish they are interested in exploring.

A good majority of the time, the customer will let you know beforehand which part of your feet they are interested in which makes it easier to provide a good show for them.



Creating Foot Fetish Clips

When creating foot fetish clips, it is very similar to live shows. You will want to know what your customer is interested in and emphasize those parts of your feet. Sometimes the foot fetish is also combined with other fetishes like Humiliation/Domination or Sock Fetish. When creating custom clips, this is generally easier because there is some sort of direction or script provided. When you are creating videos that are meant for the general public and not custom videos, it can sometimes be hard to decide what to focus on.


Incorporating Different Filming Angles

Anyone who makes foot fetish videos for sale should try to incorporate many angles, many different focal points on the feet, and incorporate those angles and shots into their previews if they’d like to appeal to a bigger audience. Or creating multiple smaller clips of your feet in the different positions and emphasizing the different parts that customers tend to like can also benefit you.


Foot Fetish Sexting / Phone Sex

Foot fetish sexting/texting is very similar to regular sexting if you are good at being detailed and not entirely focused on the “general sexual parts” (tits, ass, pussy, dick, all that good stuff) and instead divert the same level of attention you would normally give to those things to the feet. Where someone might say “Do you like my big bouncy tits? They’re so soft, I know you want them in your mouth.” That can be easily replaced with feet!




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