Tips For Reselling Custom Adult Content

Camgirl and clip producer Katy Churchill in a video tutorial on how to go about reselling custom content requests. One of the great things about custom clips is that they can be resold as pre-recorded clips after the job is completed. Some models choose only to do exclusive custom videos and that’s perfectly fine. For those that do resell customs, it’s a great way to build up your clip store and keep your custom rates lower.


Three Things To Remember When Reselling Customs:


1: Using Names and Remove Names

If the customer didn’t want his name included in the custom clip, then you don’t need to remove it. Some models choose to keep the names in. Keeping the names in can lessen the appeal to anyone that doesn’t have the same name of whoever ordered the custom. Therefore, it’s best to just take the time and cut out the names.

Charge Extra To Use A Name: You should always charge extra to use a name in the clip. Having this charge will compensate you for the time you’ll have to spend cutting out the names from the clip. If the customer doesn’t want to pay the extra charge, they can simply opt to not have their name used in the clip.

Use Names So They Can Be Smoothly Cut Out: You don’t want to have a whole bunch of weird cuts because you had to take the names out. Check out the example in the video.

Double Up Phrases That Can Be Repeated: If there’s two phrases that can be repeated back-to-back, do that. Make one of them personalized and the other one not. For example; “That feels so good”, so something that can be repeated twice in a row, once with the customers name and once without.


2: Make Sure The Video Description Makes Sense

When uploading to the clip sites, it helps to make sure that the descriptions make sense. There’s a lot of models who will copy/paste the script provided. Most of those scripts don’t make a whole lot of sense and don’t have a good flow to them. They’re either bullet points or a bunch of incomplete sentences. It’s worth the time to go in there, clean it up and make it sound more like you.


3: Include These Custom Video Disclosers

Make sure at the bottom of the video description, be sure to disclose that it was an originally a custom video, but no names were used (or names were edited out). Also be sure to let potential customers know how they can order their own custom videos from you.

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