Video Tutorial: How To Ship Worn Panties

Selling worn panties and other tangibles can be very profitable. Selling panties is nothing new. Perhaps you’ve even heard of the panty vending machines they have in Japan. That’s how popular and even mainstream selling panties is. But if you’re going to jump into the panty selling trade, there’s a couple things you’ll need to know. One of the more important elements is knowing how to properly ship your panties. Aerie has some tips as far as packaging and shipping goes.


Packing / Shipping: Bubble Mailers and Other Envelopes

If you check out the clip, you’ll see the bubble mailers that Aerie uses. Aerie goes for the bright pink, but the colors are completely up to you. These packages have bubble wrap built directly into the packaging. It’ll keep your panties, bras, socks or anything else you’re shipping fairly safe and secure. If you’re shipping something more delicate, you may want to consider a bigger package or envelope with more insulation to keep it safe and secure.

Boxes also work for shipping panties, although with the bigger package size comes more shipping expenses.


Black Ziplock Baggies (Preserve The Scent)

In addition to the envelope, Aerie also uses a black scent-proof ziplock bag. This is a lot more airtight and secure, and will help to preserve the scent of the panties. Anything with a metallic lining on the inside should be adaquate for preserving the scents and smells. Preserving the scent is very important, as that’s what most people are looking for when buying panties.


Thank You Cards

This isn’t something that you have to do, but it’s a nice touch. Aerie includes thank you cards with all the purchases. She simply writes a nice little note and tosses it into the outer envelope. Aerie hasn’t done this yet, but she’s planning on buying promotional stickers to include in the package as well. This level of presentation can help with future sales.


Packaging Tape (Make It Secure!)

It’s important to make sure that the package is secure. You’ll have to tape a piece of paper with the mailing address onto the package anyway (unless you’re using label stock), so it’s worth the extra tape to make sure the package or envelope is completely secure. This might make it more difficult for the customer to open the package, but this is a good thing! It ensures that the envelope will not come open during transit and delivery and the contents won’t be compromised.


Shipping The Package

Now it’s time to ship the package. The great things about the envelopes is that they’ll fit into the mailbox. You can simply print the label, affix the postage and drop it in the mailbox with the rest of the mail.


The Return Address (And Personal Information)

Many people are concerned about the return addresses and for good reasons. You don’t want to give out your personal information. There’s also some other concerns as technically shipping worn panties go against the terms and policies of most logistic companies, at least in the USA. Shipping panties in Europe is a lot safer in that regard.

One option is to get a PO Box so that way your physical address is never used. Mail forwarding is another option. Some models will only place their name for the return address with no actual address. There is a price tag to both PO Boxes as well as mail forwarding services, so be aware of that!


What If The Customer Claims They Didn’t Receive The Package?

This is why tracking numbers are important. You don’t want a customer to try ripping you off by claiming the package was never received. Not only will you be out the panties, but the money for postage / shipping, the packaging and the time spent on it as well. You should always keep the tracking number and information, as well as any receipts. This is also a business expense and tax write-off as well.

Claiming Item Was In Poor Condition: This is another concern but there’s solutions for this as well. Be sure to take photos of the items before sending them out. This will work as proof that what you shipped is what was expected.



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