How To Properly Leave A Camming Studio

A lot of models get into the industry not knowing much, and some end up signing up under a studio, not knowing that they are signing their soul away…Okay that was a BIT dramatic, but anyone who has been under a studio knows that leaving the studio is scary sometimes. So how do you properly break up with your studio?

First: Read The Studio Agreement / Fine Print

First off, check the fine print. You most likely signed an agreement when you agreed to be a part of their studio, and under that may be more info about your release. Some studios will release you upon request. This is the best kind of studio to sign up under, if you do want to be a part of a studio. This is because you have the ability to go back to being independent whenever you want and will have no penalties against you.

It is up to your studio if they WANT to release you (depending on agreement). They make the call with the cam site of how long past your release you have to wait before making a new independent account on the site. They even have a say over if your stats from your previous account should be transferred over.

Be Professional And Have A Reason For Leaving

When breaking up with your studio, be a professional and come prepared with a reason. Usually saying; “I just don’t like working with you” won’t work out in your favor. Having a list of professional and well thought out reasons can help you. For example: “the payout percentage in respect to the perks I am getting in return aren’t worth it to me anymore at this point in my career”. You will have better odds of getting their attention and making them understand your issue. Some studios may even negotiate a percentage with you if they are really liking the figures you were bringing in, so you’d get a potentially higher percentage and get to keep whatever studio perks you were receiving.

Inform The Camming Site You’re Leaving The Studio

The longest a studio can wait to release you after you make it clear you want to leave your partnership with them is 6 months, so when you decide to leave your studio also message your cam site and let them know that you are leaving your studio. It is important for them to have this exchange on record, in-case you try to create a new account and your old studio cries “where’s my cut, she’s signed under us!” Most studios are more professional than this, but some are still very unhelpful and downright petty with their past clients.

Explore New Cam Sites and Revenue-Streams

In the meantime, if you’re leaving your studio, explore new cam sites that you are not signed with studio under. Give them a try and see if there is money making potential there. Because once you bring up your interest in leaving your studio, they can force you to leave them and still hold you under the post-leaving 6 month term crap. Do not bring up leaving your studio with your studio until you have confirmed in fine print that they will release you with no problem or you have another site to cam on.

Also explore other forms of income that could potentially sustain your needs until the 6 month banishment period ends. A great start in the right direction (especially if you’ve maintained good standards on the site you use) is to message the site you cam for directly for support. They can usually give you some tips and could possibly even break the contract for you (this usually only happens in cases where the site and studio have previous issues.)

If You Don’t Need Studio Perks: Go For The Higher Percentage!

Being signed under studio can be very daunting when you realize the difference in money you are making versus what you could be making. Do not let that discourage you. While many studios offer great perks, if you don’t NEED these perks it is always better to be an independent model making a higher percentage.

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