How To Make Money With Ass Fetish Clips and Webcam Shows

Everyone’s got one, but are you sitting on a pile of cash without even knowing it? I’m talking about the ass, of course (I should have made that clear from the start). If you’ve spent any time at all in the adult entertainment industry, you’ll have noticed that while it’s not all about that (b)ass, the butt is big. I’m sorry, I’ll stop with the ridiculous phrasing and get to the point: In such a crowded segment of the adult entertainment industry, how can you shake your money maker for more than a few nickels and dimes?

Again, because everyone has one, ass-related fetishes can seem very “easy”. But to truly make money off your content, you need more than just your natural booty beauty – It’s going to take some (t)werk.


1) Identify your assets (I can’t help myself)

What makes your butt better? Every model has an ass that they’re hoping to capitalize on, so take the time to think about what sets yours apart. Have you got super smooth skin tone and texture, or do you have freckles/moles? Can you flex your glutes in isolation? Simple butt-shaking won’t do it anymore in the current era of booty clapping, popping, twerking, and other such skills.

If you can pick stuff up with no hands, just your ass cheeks, that’s impressive, and I am very jealous of your mad butt powers. Can you gape your asshole? When you wink it, can you see a bright pink inner lining? For me, my untamed bush grows right up around my asshole, so my hairy ass sets me apart.

Not every ass has a defining feature, and while that doesn’t immediately mean that you can’t succeed in any booty-related fetish, it does mean that you’ll need to work harder to stand out.


2) Connect your strengths to specific fetishes

This is where you bring in your other strengths to complement the unique features of your ass. If you’ve done fetish-related research before, you’ll already be familiar with this process, but a few things are important to keep in mind for ass-specific content:

Simple Booty Shaking Clips Don’t Work – In the current camming climate, a lot of models are crossing over from being cam-only models into creating videos, too. A lot of models start by immediately trying to film things they did for tips, and creating videos from those. Charge 20 tokens for booty-shaking? Film it and sell it for $10!

This approach may work in the short-term, but once “new girl” status wears off, basic stuff like this doesn’t sell unless you have something that makes your ass special (see point #1). Fetishes that seem “easy” are flooded with low-quality content. If you want to take a stab at a “simple” fetish, make sure you are doing it better than anyone else.

Overlap With Other Fetishes – There is a lot of overlap in the ass fetishes, and some sites have multiple categories for the same fetish, just worded differently. Pull a list of categories from Clips4Sale or ManyVids to identify these cross-over fetishes, because it often means that they are popular.

FemDom blends brilliantly with a lot of ass-related fetishes. If you have strong verbal domination skills, blending it with the visuals of ass (more in point #3) will make you successful. If you have any domme background or experience, try to incorporate it for a few videos. A variety of styles of domme works with ass fetishes, so don’t be afraid to try it, even if you feel like you don’t have a “typical” domme approach.


3) Angles are everything

It can be tempting to shoot most of your content from what you consider to be your butt’s best angle. Don’t do this. Shoot every video from 2, 3, even 4 angles. Repeat movements. Release similar videos shot from different angles. You may discover that your best-selling angle is not necessarily the one that makes your booty look the biggest, or the angle that gives you that perfectly peachy silhouette. Experiment, and let the market choose your best angle.


4) Promote your booty

Social media was made for booty brags, so make sure you get yours! Carefully select screenshots from your videos, make good GIFs for sites that use them, and tag ass-focused Twitter and Instagram accounts. Use hashtags. Ass fetish guys are often looking for a specific type of ass, so make sure that when you are making video previews, promoting your videos on social media, and even choosing photos for your cam sites, you show off what makes your ass special. Using a link that specifically pulls up search results for your ass-focused videos in those hashtagged social media posts will also help promote your booty and sell videos.


There’s Always A Demand For Fresh Booties!

There are loads of ass fetishists looking for new content from fresh faces. Getting a good, solid start in the booty business will allow you to boost your bottom line in the way few other body-part-specific efforts will. I know you can do it…put your ass into it.


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