Do you want your own version of AllMyLinks/LinkTree with more customization and social media safety?

The best time to get your own hosting and website if you’re an adult performer was… yesterday, but if you don’t have one already, today can be the next best day! With increasing censorship and restrictions on adult content creators, streamers, pornstars, and everyone who posts naughty stuff online there has never been a more crucial time to establish a safe space online for your brand and content because social media accounts and linkhubs could disappear or ban sex workers tomorrow!

Get hosting

The first step to your own website or linkhub is to purchase some hosting, if you don’t plan to scale your site to sell content directly on site or become a huge blog then you should be fine with basic shared hosting which you can get from $1-$5 a month! I prefer purchasing my web hosting through HostGator because they are adult friendly and have 24/7 live chat but you can chose any adult friendly web host that you like!

Install WordPress

Once you get your web hosting, install WordPress onto your domain! If you use HostGator, you can use the Softaculous WordPress Installer located in your cPanel, it’s super easy and quick and you can get started right away!

Get the Seedprod Plugin

If you want an easy template to create your linkhub, you can install the Seedprod plugin for WordPress. The linkhub template actually comes free with their free plugin, but you can also upgrade to premium and unlock a lot more templates for lead squeezes that are great for collecting emails for a newsletter or hosting contact forms.

Drag and drop to create your perfect linkhub!

Seedprod features a drag and drop page builder that allows you to take total control of your brand and add lots of photos, videos, buttons, text, or whatever information you want to add to your linkhub!

Make it social media safe

If you want to be able to link to your linkhub on social media that notoriously bans for adult links like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok then you have 2 options for your links. You can install the redirection plugin and create redirects to your adult links and use the redirection links within your page, or you can use link shortener and tracking links like Bitly so you also have the added bonus of tracking clicks!

Make sure to customize your theme / info

The Seedprod page builder is great for your landing page but you still need to add vital information like your website name, tagline, and logo under the customization part of your theme. You can also go to “settings” then “reading” under your WordPress dashboard to edit these. Make sure you set your landing page as your homepage while you’re at it!

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