LinkTree recently banned sex workers, pornstars, camgirls, and any sexy creators from their platform

For the past few years, LinkTree has become a hub for sex workers looking for an easy and efficient platform for hosting their links without having to start their own website to do so. Although recently, LinkTree seemed to target sex workers specifically and banned hundreds of accounts for “inappropriate use” which was later explained by the Head of Trust and Safety at LinkTree, “Per our company’s policies, the Linktree accounts banned stemmed from sharing a URL which violated Community Standards by sharing advertisements for the sale of real-life sexual services.” The biggest problem with their statement is that all of the accounts that were impacted by the ban were not advertising in person sexual services, many of which were just linking to the typical online sex work places like OnlyFans, ManyVids, and Pornhub. Whether or not you continue to use LinkTree is up to you personally but as soon as one type of sex work is banned from the platform, usually the others are targeted as well. So what’s the next destination after LinkTree?

Creating Your Own Website / Linkhub, or Commissioning One

There are a lot of perks to having your own website for advertising your links and services. Associating your services directly with your brand, having the links hosted on your own domain, having your own hosting so you know it won’t randomly be taken down or censored, and the growth potential for your own website are all great reasons to have your own performer website. It doesn’t have to be something super complex, whether you set up a basic LinkTree dupe using plug-ins or make something more complex, it’s a fantastic way to keep your services associated with your brand and ensure you won’t be a victim of platform censorship! If you aren’t tech savvy or simply don’t have time to build a website, there are also services made specifically for sex workers looking to have their own website like Sex Worker Sites and PS: Group.

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Use an Adult Friendly Alternative

While there is no guarantee a website will always remain sex worker / adult friendly, going with platforms designed specifically for sex workers can be a great way to avoid heartache in the future. Some good alternatives to LinkTree made for sex workers specifically include:

  • Sex Worker – a new up and coming site currently offering a directory of adult workers, with plans for growth of the platform in the future for content sale coming soon!
  • SmuttyLinks – described as a “linking platform on steroids” and designed by the Smutty network which is a no-censoring platform.

Go with a non-adult linkhub service (not recommended)

If you aren’t happy with the above options, you may just want to go with a new linkhub service. We don’t recommend doing so because you have no control over future bans and censorship but if this is still the path you’d like to go down, we highly encourage you to purchase your own domain name and use forwarding to at least add a little brand control to your linkhub! Some non-adult LinkTree alternatives include:

Why is a linkhub important for your brand?

A linkhub is important for adult performer brands because congregating your important and preferred links in one place not only makes advertising easier but it is better for squeezing leads. When you have one destination that you can send all customers to, you are able to subject those clickers to more of your content and more potential monetary conversions while also clearly laying out the things that they were clicking to find. If someone asks, “where can I order custom videos?” and you respond with your linkhub and say you can find that, and more, on your linkhub then you are more likely to up-sell that customer and sell them more than just a custom video.

Linkhubs are also essential to performers and sex workers that advertise their services on social media because it condenses your “this is what I do” speech into an easy to consume website. Saying “link in bio” is much easier than saying, “I make videos, I offer live webcam shows, I do custom videos, I do custom photosets, I’m on a bunch of different social media websites including ____, ____, and ____, and my videos are for sale on _______, ________, _______, and _________.” It also helps performers to avoid flags on social media because a lot of adult websites are flagged by social media platforms!

How do I make my linkhub even more beneficial?

Do you want to make your linkhub even more beneficial for you? Use trackable links on your linkhub! A common (and free) trackable link creator is Bitly and by using trackable links you can see which of the platforms where you post your linkhub are converting the best, what people are interested in by which links get the most clicks, and what locations your clicks are coming from so you can utilize time zones to post to the audience that is interested in you! Using trackable links can also help you avoid flagging on social media platforms that scan links to ensure they aren’t adult links like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.

What safety tips can I use to ensure my linkhub doesn’t get flagged?

Avoiding adult website names and common porn keywords can help to ensure your linkhub won’t be flagged by social media, and it can also help ensure that if you use a non-adult linkhub that they won’t keyword flag you. For example, instead of using “ManyVids” as your title for your ManyVids link, try “(Your performer name)’s Video Collection” and use a tracking link instead of your direct ManyVids link.

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