LinkTree CEO Alex claims LinkTree bans were due to in-person solicitation, not because users were sex workers

Last week, LinkTree banned (in their words) “a small number of accounts” that belonged to sex workers. The news instantly spread over social media and was posted about on popular independent news outlet, Vice. While the ban came as a shock to some sex workers, it has been outlined in the LinkTree terms of service that users must not include any sexually explicit material in their profiles. It’s very easy to assume this includes outgoing links to websites that allow the posting or selling of sexually explicit materials, like OnlyFans and Pornhub which are some of the more common links used on LinkTree by sex workers.

The statement by Alex (LinkTree CEO)

Hi, I’m Alex.

About 6 years ago, my brother Anthony and I founded Linktree with our good friend Nick. We looked to solve a pain for every internet creator, no matter what their niche was.

Recently you may have seen some stories about Linktree and its approach towards sex workers and adult content creators. I want to make sure you know your goals and needs as a content creator are as important to us today as they ever were.

We did ban a small number of accounts last week, because the accounts promoted activities that are illegal (monetizing real-life sexual services). I want to emphasize that we only took this action because of the association with illegal content or actions, not because the creators were sex workers.

We understand some of these creators felt this ban came as a surprise. For that, I apologize, and I give you my word that we’re learning from it and making sure we communicate better in the future.

We have dedicated teams working hard every day to ensure Linktree is a platform that enables creators of all types of content to build, grow and control their digital presence. Tools are specifically created to ensure creators of adult content are protected. If there is anything we can be doing better, please reply to this email and let me know.

To us, your journey as a creator means the world. I hope you continue to feel safe, appreciated, and included in our community.

Thank you for your trust and support,
Linktree Co-Founder and CEO

What should I do if I am no longer comfortable utilizing LinkTree?

If you’re no longer comfortable utilizing LinkTree as a sex worker, we have created a list of LinkTree Alternatives for Pornstars and Webcam Models that can help you decide where to go next for your linkhub needs.

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