Make camming easier, safer, and more financially rewarding with these 3 purchases

Camming can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. You can buy a $50 webcam or a $1,200 webcam and still be successful as an adult performer online. You can have no sex toys or hundreds of dollars in dildos and sell just as many shows. One of the best things about camming is that the barrier to entry is relatively low – some models use their smartphones to cam without any webcam or computer required! With that in mind, if you’re looking to buy something in the new year, I’d suggest one of the 3 things below.

A Tripod:

For around $20 you can get a small, adjustable, and lightweight tripod on Amazon with a threaded screw top that will take most webcams. It’s not 2005 anymore – set your webcam free from your monitor! A tripod lets you easily adjust and move your webcam, making it possible to get any angle your customer requests. If you want to up your game even further, check out the tripod/small ring light combos that are popular with the TikTok kids. Just make sure it has a threaded screw for your webcam to attach to, and you can take the good light with you everywhere you move your cam to!

A VPN Subscription:

The internet is a sketchy place to be at the best of times, and adult performers are often the target of shitty people with too much time on their hands. Give yourself an extra bit of privacy protection by using a VPN on your computer and phone whenever you go online. Using a VPN is especially important when you use services like Skype and Discord for video calls, as those platforms are not as secure with your IP address as big box cam sites.

An Accountant:

Okay, you can’t buy a person, but you can purchase their services! An accountant will help you minimize the taxes you pay, but they can also help you plan larger purchases (a new computer or camera, for example) and keep you on track with your expenses. If you’re worried about finding a sex worker friendly accountant, there are people like the Tax Domme who specialize in the adult industry, or you can do what I did and phone around, asking if they are comfortable working with someone in the (legal) adult industry.

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