Take Niteflirt to the next level with these 3 tips

Niteflirt is the top online phone sex platform, and it offers a variety of ways to earn money, including straight up phone sex, phone with cam, tips, and content sales. And yes, phone sex is still alive and well in 2022! If you’re ready to increase your Niteflirt earnings, try these 3 tricks to bring you more customers.

Set up a Phone With Cam listing, even if you don’t plan to use it.

Niteflirt is full of “content model” profiles where the phone sex operator has purchased the photos of another model to use in their listings instead of using their own photos. Having a Phone With Cam listing that has a few positive reviews shows browsing callers that you are using your own photos and are not playing a character with “fake” photos. You will have to do a few Phone With Cam calls to get the reviews, but 2-3 is enough to show that your listing is authentic. Then set the listing to “Mail Only” and only take calls on your phone only lines if you do not want to cam on Niteflirt.

Use GIFs in your profile and listings.

Adding GIFs to your profile and listings is a great way to catch the eye of potential callers clicking through the site. Having GIFs adds movement to your profile, and also shows that you have access to video content, which makes it more likely that you are an authentic profile, and not a “content model” profile. There is nothing wrong with choosing to run content model profiles, but many callers prefer to call listings where the model is the person they are speaking to on the phone.

Use your lists to promote your schedule and Goodies.

The Niteflirt messaging system allows you to send mass messages based on “lists”. You can curate these lists to be listing-specific, fetish-specific, or according to any system you want. Use these lists to stay in touch with your customers like mainstream businesses do with their email lists. Make it a goal to send out a monthly update message with your cam / phone sex schedule, links to your new Goodies, and maybe a few sexy pics to remind callers how incredibly hot and desirable you are! Some customers will find these messages “spammy”, but most customers are open to receiving mail from their favorite models on a monthly basis at least.

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