Placement on the homepage on Streamate can be crucial for earning more tips and shows

The Streamate algorithm has long been a confusing one, appearing to be almost everchanging as the years have progressed. While you can’t do too much about the algorithm for when users are logged in since it works off of users “taste,” having the best quality stream can make a huge difference in your placement for users that aren’t logged in and viewing on whitelabels (which is a huge amount of viewers) as well as potentially boost your logged in placement since your quality will be better than other streams. So, how do you get the best quality stream possible and what factors really matter for the algorithm?

Cam quality is a major part of the algorithm

Your cam quality is a huge part of your placement on Streamate and if you don’t believe me, play around with your output! Try 720p, 1080p, and if possible 4K, and watch as your literally jump rows. I’m obviously going to tell you, the most high quality webcam that you can use should be what you use! The standard is the Logitech C920 or C922, with some oddballs who like widescreen and better color value (formerly me before I upgraded to a Brio) using the Logitech C930. These are what MOST people use which means you will be on an equal playing field with the majority of competition for placement on the homepage BUT if you want to “level up” and boost your placement even more, investing in a 4K webcam can be a game changer. There aren’t many options for 4K webcams that aren’t ridiculously expensive, as of right now I definitely recommend the Logitech Brio which is plug and play just like it’s little brother the C920 but allows you to broadcast in 4K at 60fps. In a test I did where I bounced between the C922 and Brio, I moved from the 7th row of the homepage to the 2nd row by using the Brio.

Enhance your speed, if possible

While upgrading your internet plan may not be feasible (but I totally recommend having at least 10mb up and 100mb down if you’re on Streamate) you can boost your speed by camming while connected with an ethernet cord. It’ll boost your speeds and make your connection more stable, which will help prevent lag and glitching as well as randomly getting booted off due to timing out. If you’re saying “I can’t connect to ethernet because I cam from mobile!” then I can’t help you there, I do not suggest using their mobile camming unless you will be doing a show that requires it.

Potential member conversion

A little known but important part of the algorithm is that performers that convert not logged in users into members, or even better, paying customers will receive a placement boost because these are the performers that are creating traffic for the website. Adding some phrases to your generic, “hey guys, how’re you today?” to help convert these potential members can help you rank higher on the homepage. Some of my favorites include: “If you’re lurking just make an account, it’s free to chat!” or doing a free entry gold show with teasing until goal is met but using this as a way to incentivize account creation.


Ratings are pretty important in the placement but they aren’t make or break. If you receive less than a 5 star rating and the member expressed it was due to connection issues or site error, you should definitely send screenshots to support and try to get anything less than a 5 star removed. Most performers in the top few rows have a flat 5 star rating and you need to have at least 5 ratings in the past 90 days of streaming to not be stuck with the default rating. Encourage members to rate you after private and exclusive shows, and if you want an added boost you can let customers know that after a show if they give you a 5 star rating you will send them a photo or video!

Hours online and paid chat percentage

Your hours online are essential to your placement on the homepage because Streamate is a website that truly rewards their performers for consistency. If you plan to be in the top row on Streamate during “busy hours” where many models are online, you should probably aim to put in a minimum of 30 hours a week on Streamate. That’s not to say you won’t ever get the top spot, I’m currently averaging 15 hours a week on the site and I was in the third spot earlier, but I also plan my cam times so I will have less active model competition on the homepage. This also results in a milder/slower room, which I’m fine with, but may not be the preference for someone looking to make $500+ a shift. Your paid chat percentage is also a huge part of the algorithm, and models with higher paid chat percentages (i.e. models that convert viewers into spenders) get placed higher than those that don’t. A healthy paid chat percentage for a front page model is 15%+ while the top row tends to hold 30%+. Your paid chat percentage is pretty easy to manipulate with cheap gold shows that are longer, plus you can record your gold shows and use them for content later!

Room activity

If your room has a lot of chatting, tagging, tipping, and interaction this will help your placement because rooms with a lot of ongoing activity tend to convert better. Even if you aren’t necessarily converting into shows, just getting account sign ups will give you a little extra boost, and having an active room will encourage sign ups and tipping.

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