The ManyVids Annual Awards Return January 13-23

ManyVids is once again putting on their annual award competition where models can enter various categories and receive free and paid votes from their fans in order to place in the top 5 in their category which sends them to the nominations where ultimately the winner is decided by the ManyVids team. While the categories haven’t been announced officially yet within a blog post by the ManyVids team, the contest page is already active and the entries are flooding in.

Manyvids Awards 2022 Categories

There are notably 30 categories this year that encompass many of the shining quirks of performers on ManyVids. Unfortunately some performers are bummed out that categories didn’t carry over this year that were there in previous years. What are the categories this year?

  • MV Alt Star of the Year
  • MV BBW Of the Year
  • MV Boobs of the Year
  • MV Booty of the Year
  • MV Congeniality Star of the Year
  • MV Cosplayer of the Year
  • MV Custom Vid Star of the Year
  • MV Fetish Star of the Year
  • MV Gamer of the Year
  • MV Gay King of the Year
  • MV Influencer of the Year
  • MV Innovator of the Year
  • MV King of the Year
  • MV Live Star of the Year
  • MV MILF of the Year
  • MV New Cummer of the Year
  • MV Producer of the Year
  • MV Profile of the Year
  • MV Queen of the Year
  • MV Rising Star of the Year
  • MV Roleplay Star of the Year
  • MV Smile of the Year
  • MV Star of the Year
  • MV Store Item Star of the Year
  • MV Trans King of the Year
  • MV Trans Queen of the Year
  • MV Vid of the Year
  • MV ______ of the Year (The category for performers who don’t fit into a category!)
  • VIP FanClub of the Year

Notable categories left out this year

Social media is buzzing with performers that are missing the categories from previous years, some of the most talked about categories that won’t be part of the MV Awards this year include:

  • MV Bush of the Year
  • MV Anal Star of the Year
  • MV Domme of the Year
  • MV Producer Vid and MV Vid of the Year
  • MV Submissive of the Year
  • MV Duo of the Year
  • MV Trendsetter of the Year

In previous years, the focus seemed to be slightly geared more toward the content posted on the platform. For example: in 2020 we had “MV Girl Vid of the Year,” “MV Boy Vid of the Year,” and “MV Trans Vid of the Year,” which rewarded performers for posting content that performed well on ManyVids but was also diverse so that men and trans performers wouldn’t be excluded, unfortunately they condensed those categories in 2021 to “MV Vid of the Year,” and “MV Trans Vid of the Year” which put male and female performers in competition for the best performing video (which most often goes to the women because there is a higher saturation of women on ManyVids.) In 2022, they have now condensed what used to be 3 diverse categories into one category “MV Vid of the Year” which is going to further alienate and exclude male and trans performers from visibility and award potential because of the oversaturation of women on the platform.

In addition to the condensing of important categories that were great for bringing traffic and visibility to male and trans performers, ManyVids also appears to be condensing their fetish performance categories as well. There used to be many more categories to highlight kink/BDSM performers, while now they are being condensed down into the one category they have left which is “MV Fetish Star of the Year.”

So, why is ManyVids doing this? ManyVids appears to be squishing performers into less diverse categories in an effort to only reward their top performers. Every category in the 2022 MV Awards is something that a “top performer” would likely enter, and in doing so, would place higher in than smaller name performers. The diverse categories from years past provided an opportunity for performers that may not have huge followings and whale tippers to still place within the top 5 and potentially win an award, but with the new condensed “star studded” categories, it seems like smaller name performers are being boxed out intentionally.

Performers are very unhappy with the continued contest while site features continue to not work, if you want to support these performers there is a Fair Payout Percentage on Contests and Prioritize Repair of Integral Site Features petition started by Aerie Saunders on

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