IWantClips and Clips4Sale admit to massive backlogs of content to review

Major clip sites Clips4Sale and IWantClips are begging their studios to be patient as they struggle to come into compliance with the new Mastercard guidelines that came into effect on October 15, 2021.

Clips4Sale is asking studios not to edit old content, as that triggers a mandatory compliance review. Reviews on Clips4Sale are taking huge amounts of time, and they have recently added 4 new reviewers in addition to their existing 7 reviewers to hopefully speed up the process.

IWantClips, on the other hand, has gone full-blown Clipocalypse Now. All legacy clips uploaded before October 15 have gone into review, leaving some studios without the required 5 clips for their store to be active and make sales. They have also suspended attachments to messages (including PTVs) and custom videos. IWantClips has also sent an email to all performers requesting that studios not re-upload and re-submit content to the review process as it will actually slow down their compliance review, and to avoid submitting support tickets related to review times as support staff are assisting in compliance reviews and these tickets only slow down responses to legitimate tickets. IWC has also requested that studios “stop attempting to post non-compliant content”…which seems rather obvious, but there it is.

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