DMCA Information For Camgirls, Clip Producers and Adult Models


Camgirls / Amateur Porn Producers: Fighting Piracy With DMCA

Stolen content is a major issue that camgirls, amateur porn producers and other adult models have to face. People will take your videos, photos and put them up onto tube sites and share them over social media. You own the rights to all your contents and performances. Without giving permission to republish, this is illegal and can be taken down. unfortunately, sometimes webmasters don’t comply. Also, if you’re not having someone submit the claim on your behalf, you’ll have to put down your name and information on the takedown notice.

Luckily, there’s some ways around this. Certain networks and studios provide DMCA takedown services. There’s also platforms to monitor and automatically submit requests. It’s also possible to grant a party the rights to submit requests on your behalf. This will prevent your name and information from being exposed to the pirates. Here’s some information and tips on DMCA protection and takedowns.


Do Not Provide Your Real Name / Personal Information

Never send the DMCA requests yourself! Models go to great length to hide their real identities and there’s been numerous cases where pirates have used the real identity provided in DMCA towndown notices as blackmail! These pirates will threaten to post the camgirl / performers real identity all over the internet. Here’s some ways to go about sending DMCA takedowns without using your real nformation:

Grant A Party The Right To Submit Requests On Your Behalf – Luckily, DMCA allows someone to submit a request on behalf of the content owner (you). If you’ve got a friend that would be willing to draft and submit the letter on your behalf, it’ll be their name and address on the takedown notice. If you have a friend in a different state, that will add an addition level of privacy protection to the takedown notices.

Submit A Request To The Camming Site / Network – Most of the camming sites or adult marketplace sites will submit DMCA takedown requests on your behalf. Most sites will only do this for content that was uploaded or streamed via their site. If it’s something that you were selling / posting elsewhere, they most likely will not submit a notice on your behalf.

Partner With A Studio Providing DMCA Protection – There are studios that provide DMCA protection to their models. Unlike camming sites, which will only send notices for content from their site, studios will provide protection for all their model’s content. This makes it much more comprehensive than some of the other DMCA services.


Camming Sites / Clip Selling Sites That Provide DMCA Protection

There are many camming sites, adult marketplace sites and other networks that provide in-house DMCA protection to their models and studios. These sites will either actively monitor or submit takedown requires on your behalf. Here’s the sites offering DMCA protection:

BongaCams – BongaCams has hired an in-house lawyer. This lawyer will assist models in removing stolen videos from any 3rd party sites. Requesting services from the lawyer can be done directly through the model dashboard.

CamWithHer – CamWithHer has an in-house employee to handle the DMCA takedown requests. If you’re a CWH model and you stumble upon capped shows or stolen content, get a hold of CamWithHer and they’ll handle the takedown request on your behalf.

Chaturbate – Chaturbate will help models remove content stolen from their site. This includes recorded camming shows and photo or video content featured on the model’s profile. In order for Chaturbate to assist in the takedown requests, models must submit the file location To Chaturbate in order for them to assist. (NOT the url where the file is located, right-click to get the actual file location!)

Clips4Sale – Clips4Sale is a video selling site that specializes in fetish content. Clips4Sale offers free in-house DMCA protection for all content that gets uploaded and sold on their platform.

ModelCentro – ModelCentro is a free site-builder designed for adult entertainers. It allows models to easily build their very own membership fanclub sites. No coding is necessary using their visual site builder. ModelCentro will submit takedown requests on behalf of their models.

MyFreeCams – MyFreeCams is a very popular camming site. If there’s a recorded camming show, MyFreeCams will submit a takedown request on behalf of their models. – Naked is a popular camming site that features tons of big name adult stars. sends out DMCA requests on on behalf of their models. This includes recorded shows as well as photo or video content uploaded to



Platforms For DMCA Monitoring and Takedown

CamModelProtection – CamModelProtection is a DMCA monitoring and protection suite developed specifically for cam models. They’ve got several pricing tiers which provides different levels of service.

DMCA512(Mention Webcam Startup to get $200 Off!) DMCA512 is a DMCA monitoring company that has developed tools that allow them to look for files on tons of sites and even in different languages. DMCA512  actively monitors the internet for your pirated content and submits takedown notices whenever pirated material is discovered. – gives you all the tools you need to submit your own DMCA takedown notices. They’ve got an easy to use form builder that allows you to generate and download PDF takedown letters. also provides badges for your websites and resources to learn more about DMCA.


Submitting DMCA Takedown Requests To Google

In addition to submitting a DMCA takedown request to the website, you can also submit DMCA notices to Google. This will get the stolen content removed from the search engine. If the webmaster doesn’t respond to takedown notices, this is a great way to at least make that content harder for people to find. Google has also stated that number of DMCA actions against a domain works against the site’s rankings, reducing the impact of all their pirated content.


More Ways To Fight Pirated Cam Shows / Content

Although DMCA takedown notices are one of the most effective ways to get stolen content removed, they’re not the only way. In fact, sometimes DMCA takedowns won’t work (if the pirate site is in a country that doesn’t recognize Western intellectual property laws) and these alternative tactics are the only ones possible. Here’s some additional ways to fight piracy:


Attacking The Advertisers / Profitability Of The Site

Pirates are in business. They’re making money off your stolen content. How are they making money? Through display ad networks and affiliate programs. All of these networks won’t allow webmasters to use their product in illegal ways.

Attacking the advertisers can be as simple as shooting them an email reporting the non-compliant webmasters. You can also go all out and blow them up via social media and other means. The more bad PR you can give the companies for enabling pirate sites, the more likely they are to boot the webmaster.

If it’s an ad through a publisher/advertiser network, you can inform the ad network itself, as well as the company using that network to buy traffic. There’s a good chance the company buying traffic isn’t aware that their ads are even being featured in the pirate site. This is because the ad network matches publishers and advertisers. Informing the actual company may get them to quit bidding on traffic on pirate sites. This will reduce the profit the pirate site gets for each click.

If a pirate site loses out on revenue, the project as a whole isn’t as sustainable. Making piracy less lucrative is one major way to mitigate it.


Taking Away Traffic From Pirates / Making It Harder To Find Stolen Content

It’s also possible to make it harder for people to find your stolen content and take that traffic away from the pirates. Not only will this reduce the traffic from the pirates, but it’ll also result in more traffic and sales for you!

The best way to do this is to be in as many places as possible. This includes social media, all the different clip sites (if you’re selling clips), legit promotional sites, ect. All these different networks will increase your exposure, and you’ll have control over them. The more legit exposure you have, the harder it is for the pirates to compete for people looking for you and your content.

Here’s a list of sites for promotion.

in addition to being everywhere possible, it’s also highly recommended to be running your own affiliate program. There’s platforms like ModelCentro out there that make this easy to setup, and it can all be done 100% free of charge.

An affiliate program is where webmasters are able to promote your site and get commissions on all new sales they generate. Their sales are tracked via tracking links that are unique to each promoter. The affiliate marketers only get paid when sales are generated, making this 100% free with no upfront costs.

By running an affiliate program and getting good webmasters promoting you, they’ll be competing with pirates for the traffic. This will help get good, legit sites visible instead of the shady pirate sites.

  • Feel free to shoot an email to with any questions you might have about DMCA, piracy and other related topics. It’s something that I’ve been a lot more involved in lately, and have successfully helped models get stolen videos, photos removed. This includes foreign torrent sites.