Camgirl DMCA: Getting Stolen Shows / Clips Removed From Sites


Camgirls / Porn Producers: Fighting Piracy With DMCA

Piracy is a major issue for performers in the industry. It could be a camgirl getting shows capped or a producer having clips uploaded to a site. Luckily, there’s many ways to fight piracy at a model’s disposal. DMCA is the most talked about, and one of the more effective tools available. There’s also many different parties that DMCA takedown notifications can be sent to. Here’s all the information you need to know.



What Is DMCA? (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a US Federal Law that protects digital content owners and creators. The law was passed in 1998. The best thing about DMCA is that you don’t need a patent, trademark or copyright. If you are the one who created the content, you own the rights to it.



Submitting Your Own Request vs Using 3rd Parties

Although you can submit your own DMCA takedown requests, there are some privacy risks involved. The notice has to contain the contact information of the individual making the request. This is for legitimacy of the request. This information is provided to the infringing party. This means the pirate could end up with your personal information.


If You Do Submit Your Own Request – Use Fake Info!

Performers have had success in using their performer name, a PO Box that wasn’t their own, and out of city, and a secondary phone number with an area code different from their area. This can greatly protect the performer from the chance of being doxed in the process of getting pirated content removed. Some networks redact specific information during the DMCA process. If you’re filing the requests yourself, it’s worth asking what information can be redacted and what information is made public.


Using 3rd Party Services: Camming / Clip Sites and DMCA Agencies

The safest route to go is having a 3rd party making the DMCA takedown request. This is especially true if the networks (camming / clip sites) are willing to submit the DMCA notices on their models behalf. Not only is it 100% free, but the contact information from the company is on the takedown requests, and not the model’s.


List of Camming / Clip Sites Offering DMCA Services


Outsourcing To A DMCA Agency

If the networks you’re performing on doesn’t work, or doesn’t provide DMCA services, there’s still options. DMCA agencies specialize in getting stolen content removed from the internet. These services come with a price, but the agencies go above and beyond what any of the networks are willing to do in-house. Not only do these agencies use a wide range of tactics to get content removed, they proactively scan the internet for your content.



Where You Can Submit DMCA Notices

There’s many different parties that DMCA notices can be sent to. The infringing webmaster is the first start. There’s additional parties the takdown requests can be sent to besides the infringing website. DMCA notices can also be sent to the web hosting company, various partner sites, search engines and more. Many times the infringing party will be unresponsive, usually due to residing in a foreign country. In those cases, all forms of DMCA might have to be leveraged to fight the impacts of the piracy.


Submitting DMCA Takedown Requests To The Webmaster / Website

The first party that a DMCA notice should be sent to is the infringing website. Some websites make this incredibly easy, while others do not. If it’s a site that has “User-Generated Content”, where people can make accounts and upload content, it’s generally much more effective. That’s because it’s not deliberate piracy. Instead, it’s a user exploiting their platform in a way that goes against their terms of service.

If the infringing website is a pirate site, things get a little bit less effective. Most likely, the site is located in a foreign country that doesn’t recognize USA / Western intellectual property laws. These pirates are generally not responsive at all. When this occurs, more creative avenues must be explored. The best options are listed below.


Submitting DMCA Notices To Google (And Other Search Engines)

In addition to submitting a DMCA takedown request to the website, you can also submit DMCA notices to Google. This will get the stolen content removed from the search engine. If the webmaster doesn’t respond to takedown notices, this is a great way to at least make that content harder for people to find. Google has also stated that number of DMCA actions against a domain works against the site’s rankings, reducing the impact of all their pirated content.


Learn More About Submitting DMCA Take-Down Requests To Google


Submitting DMCA Notices To Web Hosts

The web hosting company that is hosting the infringing site is another option. The majority of web hosts have terms of services that the hosted sites must follow. Illegal activity and intellectual property infringement are usually two major items against the hosting company’s terms. If the pirate sites are hosted by one of these companies, the web host is obligated to remove the infringing site. Yes, the whole site. Everything you want to know about submitting DMCA takedown notices to the web hosting companies is found below.

How To Submit DMCA Notices To Web Hosts


Getting Videos Removed From Pornhub and Other Tube Sites

When talking about stolen clips, tube sites (especially Pornhub) often come up. Although these sites are the most frequent where stolen clips are located, they’re luckily fairly easy to work with. While some pirate sites blatantly steal and monetize stolen content, tube sites do take intellectual property laws seriously. Outside of being able to flag individual videos, there’s also a formal DMCA notice process. Instructions for that is usually found within the footer of the site.


Reporting Infringing Webmasters To Traffic Networks / Affiliate Programs

Attacking the pirate’s revenue is a roundabout way to fight piracy. These pirate sites aren’t capping shows and stealing clips for fun. They’re doing it for the money. These pirates are monetizing the stolen content via publisher/advertiser networks and affiliate programs. Most of these programs don’t allow their webmasters to send them traffic through illegal means. Reporting these non-compliant webmasters is a way to make the entire pirate business-model less lucrative.

How To Report Pirates To Affiliate Programs / Ad Networks



Platforms For DMCA Monitoring and Takedown

CamModelProtection – CamModelProtection is a DMCA monitoring and protection suite developed specifically for cam models. They’ve got several pricing tiers which provides different levels of service.

DMCA512(Mention Webcam Startup to get $200 Off!) DMCA512 is a DMCA monitoring company that has developed tools that allow them to look for files on tons of sites and even in different languages. DMCA512  actively monitors the internet for your pirated content and submits takedown notices whenever pirated material is discovered. – gives you all the tools you need to submit your own DMCA takedown notices. They’ve got an easy to use form builder that allows you to generate and download PDF takedown letters. also provides badges for your websites and resources to learn more about DMCA.



More Ways To Fight Pirated Cam Shows / Content

Although DMCA takedown notices are one of the most effective ways to get stolen content removed, they’re not the only way. In fact, sometimes DMCA takedowns won’t work (if the pirate site is in a country that doesn’t recognize Western intellectual property laws) and these alternative tactics are the only ones possible. Luckily there’s tons of different tools that performers have to protect their content.


Getting Capped Shows and Stolen Clips Removed


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