Streaming on Chaturbate as a way to drive fan club subscriptions, video sales, and more

It’s no secret that I (Katy Churchill) haven’t been a “live” cam model in a while. What do I mean by that? I perform most of my shows on Skype, rather than on a cam site like Streamate or Chaturbate, where you are live in “free chat” in between paid private shows – or perform all of your cam show in “free chat” in exchange for tips. I’ve got resting bitch face, though, and all of that smiling gives me face cramps. Plus, as a busy fan club model and fetish clip producer, I use the time in between paid Skype shows to edit photos and videos, respond to OnlyFans DMs, and to watch more Netflix than I probably should. I still cam on Chaturbate at least once each month, though. Why? Because streaming on Chaturbate exposes me to a group of potential customers who otherwise wouldn’t know who I am. I use my occasional performances on Chaturbate to drive traffic to my other sites and services, earning me far more money than I ever make in tokens while camming on the site.

1. Know what’s permitted

Chaturbate gives you pretty wide latitude in promoting your accounts on other platforms, but you still need to be careful not to cross any lines. You cannot promote any other cam sites, so you can’t directly promote your listings on platforms like Niteflirt, SkyPrivate, or Cammodel Directory. You can, however, link and promote all of your social media, your clip sites, and your OnlyFans account. I heavily promote my Twitter, Pornhub, and OnlyFans when I’m online.

2. Schedule and promote your shows in advance

Sure, you’re aiming to catch the random Chaturbate browsers, but this is also a great chance to connect with your casual followers, so plaster your social media with graphics about your event. If you’re planning a special themed show that will be a longer shift, consider sending out a press release.

3. Make a plan

This is not a regular cam show, where you are logging on with an earnings goal and going with the flow of tokens and viewers, so don’t treat it like one. Choose apps and bots that let you remind viewers to follow / join you on other sites, rather than those that might only increase your earnings. Make sure your links are prominent on your bio, and that you are creating a friendly and welcoming environment for all viewers – yes, even grays! They may not be spending on Chaturbate, but you never know who might join your OnlyFans or buy your videos on your favorite clip site.

4. Review your results

If you don’t track your results, then you will never know if your Chaturbate funnel is working. Use a link shortener like to track clicks from your Chaturbate profile to the sites you’re promoting, including your social media. You should already be asking new fan club signups how they found you, so that you can track your promo efforts, but if you don’t then start now. Decide how many new fans, followers, views, and/or clicks constitute a successful cam shift, and track what is and isn’t growing as a result of your efforts. You won’t be able to perfectly track your numbers, but you should see a noticeable change in the 24-48 hours following your live stream.

If you really wanted to, you could run this same hustle on other cam sites, but Chaturbate by far allows the most in terms of linking and has the best traffic as well. I started out doing this on Streamate, verbally encouraging viewers to Google me, but I got a warning when another performer reported me. It’s not worth losing your account, especially since you may want to return to the platform for a regular cam schedule some time in the future.

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