How to survive 6+ hours on cam regularly without ruining your life

You might have seen models promoting cam-a-thons, or maybe you’d just like to increase the number of hours you cam in a week without working every day. Whatever the reasoning, you’ve decided that you want to start doing long cam shifts (for our purposes defined as over 6 hours). Long cam shifts on sites like Chaturbate can be both fun and financially rewarding, especially if you do them in such a way that they do not interfere with your regular schedule – or even become part of your schedule! Focus on making your schedule sustainable, and reap the rewards of more hours online. Very few performers can survive over 12 hours of live camming, and if you don’t have to do it for financial reasons, there is little reason for the average adult webcam performer to regularly schedule cam shifts that last longer than 8 hours. If you find that you are not earning enough money without regularly working extended shifts, and are consistently live streaming for over 35 hours each week, it is time for you to seriously look at what you might be doing wrong.

1. Be reasonable when scheduling

Scheduling long shifts back-to-back-to-back will put you on the fast train to burnout. Put days off or schedule shorter shifts in between. Schedule yourself conservatively, especially when planning to do regular long shifts. Going from consistently working 2-4 hour shifts straight into 8 hour shifts is a shock to both your brain and body, and should be worked up to gradually. Doing one long shift that then causes you to miss your next 2 scheduled days recovering is unlikely to get you ahead, so be reasonable when planning to avoid this “rebound effect”.

2. Plan breaks

In a full-time office job you’d have a lunch break and 2 “coffee” breaks. Camming is no different. You can’t expect to perform for 6 hours straight, always “on”, staying entertaining and engaging, without a few breaks. Plan to take breaks approximately every 2 hours for the bathroom, food, and just to stand up, stretch, walk around, and let your face relax. Touch up your makeup, hug your pets, do whatever you want for 5-10 minutes. You’d be surprised how refreshed you feel after just a few minutes!

3. Stay fed and hydrated

Use some of your planned breaks to have a snack, or even a full meal, depending on your schedule. Choose foods that are quick energy and won’t make a mess of your face. I am partial to bananas (can be eaten on cam for a bit of fun), pepperoni sticks, cheese, and apple slices. Have a drink while you’re camming, too – and not an alcoholic one. While energy drinks might seem like the obvious choice to perk you up near the end of a long shift, make sure you’re also drinking enough water. Use a straw if you’re worried about messing up your makeup, and add ice cubes or flavoring if you really can’t stand plain water.

4. Don’t give in to a dead cam room

Low moments are the curse of long cam shifts, but they are bound to happen. It is so tempting to log off when things get quiet, but if you do that then you will never end up working a long shift. Make a plan for coping with a dead cam room. Lay out different outfits in advance and change when things go quiet. Move your webcam and adjust your background / angle. Put on a special music playlist that will pump you up. If you’re really struggling, start a 30 minute timer and promise to stay on until the timer goes without getting a tip.

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