Reliable DMCA Services in Adult are Super Important!

Protecting your brand, content, and image is a very important part of being a performer in the adult industry. Unfortunately, piracy runs rampant and in the digital world it’s hard to keep up with these virtual villains. Finding companies that can help you protect your content can be well worth the money and peace of mind! These websites will help prevent piracy of your content, take care of your DMCA takedown concerns, and put you in charge of your brand again.


DMCA Takedown / Piracy Prevention Websites for Adult Performers:

BranditScanBranditScan was created by a ManyVids co-founder and former CTO in an effort to help adult industry models protect their brand. BranditScan offers DMCA Takedown services, comprehensive scans, and brand reports.

CamModelProtection – CamModelProtection is a DMCA monitoring and protection suite developed specifically for cam models. They’ve got several pricing tiers which provides different levels of service.

DMCA512 – DMCA512 is a DMCA monitoring company that has developed tools that allow them to look for files on tons of sites and even in different languages. DMCA512  actively monitors the internet for your pirated content and submits takedown notices whenever pirated material is discovered. – gives you all the tools you need to submit your own DMCA takedown notices. They’ve got an easy to use form builder that allows you to generate and download PDF takedown letters. also provides badges for your websites and resources to learn more about DMCA.

Premium Reputation – the DMCA services by DMCADefender, specifically setup for camming models.

DMCAForce – DMCAForce is a DMCA takedown service that covers all areas of the internet, but also allows adult and is signed on as ManyVids DMCA takedown provider.

PornGuardian – DMCA Service powered by JustForFans founder Dominic Ford, they offer digital fingerprinting and a comprehensive dashboard to help you get insight into piracy taking place with your content. They are a trust Google DMCA partner and they even offer legal assistance!


Do you need to pay for DMCA takedown service?

DMCA takedowns are time exhaustive and complicated but if you don’t have the money for a professional DMCA service or can’t bare to pay for it (it’s understandable, they can get costly) you can submit your own DMCA takedown requests. There are many steps you can take as a performer to fight against piracy and requesting stolen content to be removed, delisting it from Google, and reporting to the host are only a few options of what you can do individually to help prevent pirates from profiting from stolen content.

Another great way to ensure the safety of your content is to post to sites with internal DMCA takedown programs so there is no money out of your pocket. Some sites use the cut of money they get from sales to hire DMCA support.

The fight against piracy doesn’t end with DMCA takedowns, due to DMCA being limited to certain locations but pirates being located everywhere, you will occasionally need to fight piracy in other ways. You can get creative and try Trademarking Your Performer Name / Alias since trademark laws are more widely respected than DMCA.

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