Information On Streamate “Forced Private” Shows

When broadcasting on Streamate, we can sometimes find ourselves bored and wishing we could make a show happen. While Gold Shows are a great option for that, they aren’t always great when it comes to things like Voyeur style shows, or shows that won’t require attention, like “spy on me while I film a video” or “spy on me while I do a private show!” That is why “Forced Privates” are super convenient and a tool that can be super helpful!


What is a Forced Private?

A forced private is when you connect your Streamate account to an external site (ModelCentro) and while broadcasting you switch to “external site show.” This causes your live stream on Streamate to become a private stream, so when people click into your room it will say you are in a live show and give them the option to join. The best way to utilize this function is to clarify in your room topic that you are doing “x thing” in the show, and to join to see!

The great part about this feature is it’s basically hands-free, once you use the ESS option that is displayed above your streaming box and switch that to on, you can pretty much get down to doing whatever you’d like and people can come and go as they please. The perks of this is getting in hours online without the need to be staring at a screen the whole time, and the ability to get some other tasks done while simultaneously getting some cam time in.


My favorite: Stare at my tits while I do computer work

I’m a huge fan of throwing “stare at my tits while I do computer work” into my topic during the especially slow hours. It’s not always guaranteed money, so it may effect your paid chat percentage. Keep in mind since you’re essentially in a private you will not be displayed on the home page and the traffic coming to your room will be from clicks on the similar models suggestions from other pages, people who have you Favorited, or people you link in. This is not a tool that is great for usage during busy times, or times you are looking to actively cam, it is really a great way to add a bit of multi tasking to times you wouldn’t necessarily cam or if it’s so slow you want to pull your hair out!

Keep in mind, if you actively run your ModelCentro account and don’t only have it connected to utilize the ESS feature, your paid members will get access to this stream for free.


What are the negatives about Forced Privates?

If a regular comes in and joins your show and sees your doing, well, not much that’s interesting… they may leave and you lose out on that traffic for the night. Having sound notifications for entry and keeping an eye on the tab can help you “fish out” when you should have ESS on or off.

People with whitelabels through Streamate are supposedly able to “hack” into these shows and watch them for free. If you see a user log on and their username is green and they aren’t a member of your ModelCentro (the username will be the same as on that platform.) Log the heck out of ESS and report it to Streamate.

You will not be getting active traffic while using this feature. Only use this feature if you are looking to do voyeur style shows or if you are taking shows on indie sites to switch into private without having to log off.

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