Cam Models: Token Sites vs Private Sites

The first question potential cam models ask me once they decide that camming is right for them is “which camming site should I sign up to?” That question is actually the second one they should ask. The first is “what type of site should I sign up to?” The webcam world is split into 3 types: independent camming, token sites, and private sites. This article will help you choose which type of live streaming site for you, token or private.


Why Choose Between The Two?

As someone who advocates spreading your eggs into different baskets to diversify your income, it feels slightly strange for me to encourage you to choose either a token site or a private site. I’m not saying that you can’t do both, and some models successfully stream on both sites and do quite well. But matching your camming style to the site type that best suits you will result in better success in the long run. Once you figure out whether you’re a token model or a private model, you can find sites that offer you the best payout and the right features for your needs, and then combine 2 or more sites to protect you against traffic fluctuations on any one site.


Information On Token Camming Sites

Token / pubic camming sites operate on a tip basis. Members tip the model in their public chat room for certain actions, towards a countdown, to buy content…each model runs their tip system differently, and there are as many options as there are models. Some models employ tip menus for body part flashes, some use countdowns to specific goals for nudity or shows, and yet other models find success by charging tokens for music selection.

Some token sites also have private and group show functionality, which the model can disable if they do not wish to offer private shows. The per-minute rate for private shows is calculated in tokens, and most sites with this option have pre-set rates for private shows that cannot be changed by the model.


Token Site Pros

  • Most token sites allow models to share their social media handles, which helps you build your following off-site, further buffering against on-site issues.
  • The high level of public chat room interaction often builds a close community of members, building the model’s brand by creating a complete experience for his or her fans.


Token Site Cons

  • Members often expect token site models to perform sexually explicit acts in public chat in exchange for tips, which not all models are comfortable with.
  • Entertaining a full chat room when the money isn’t flowing steadily can be difficult, and conflicts between members can also arise.


Private Camming Sites

Private-based camming sites operate by charging members a per-minute rate for private and group shows with the model. On many of these sites models have the ability to offer group shows with multiple members, truly private one-on-one shows, and they may be able to enable or disable a “voyeur/spy” option that allows members to watch a private show without being able to participate via typing or cam2cam options.

Models usually have control of their own per-minute rates, and can set them as or or high as they wish (though extremely high per-minute rates may require contacting site support to enable). In between paid shows models are live streaming in a public chat room where members can type, with their messages shown to the entire chat room or private to just the model, depending on the site and settings. Some private sites also offer a tipping function in public chat.


Private Site Pros

  • Well-suited to models who offer fetish shows, as the privacy of paid shows prevents other members from being turned off by seeing a fetish that they are not interested in.
  • The flexibility to set your own per-minute rates gives you lots of control over your earnings.


Private Site Cons

  • Private sites often have lower payout percentages than token sites.
  • The time spent in public chat between paid shows


Things to Consider When Choosing A Camming Site

Your Personality: Outgoing, extroverted models will likely find both site types suitable, while more introverted types may prefer the one-on-one aspect of private sites. Entertaining large groups isn’t for everyone, and neither is the forced intimacy of a private show. Do you prefer being the center of attention at a party, or do you seek out deep conversations with one or two people? Your answer can help you determine which site will match you best.

Your Strengths: If you enjoy creating fetish and femdom content, private sites will likely suit you better than token sites. Integrating multiple fetish and domme/sub interests in one public chat room can be difficult, and many members can be turned off by the discussion of subjects that do not arouse or interest them.

Your Brand: Depending on the image you wish to create, the exclusivity of private sites or the openness of token sites may build up or diminish your personal brand.


Reassessing Your Site Choice Every Few Years

Whether you choose token sites or private sites, it’s a good idea to reassess your choice every year or so. I started out on token sites and they suited my style well initially, but as I began to film more fetish content, I had increasing numbers of fetish customers looking for cam shows with me. Being unable to exactly set my rates and trying to entertain multiple fetish conversations at once in public chat became issues that outweighed my enjoyment in managing a busy chat room and I switched to private sites.

The freedom to choose one or the other (or even both!) at any point in your career means that the choice you make today won’t limit your future, just guide you in your site selection.

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