Promoting A Premium / Private Snapchat Account

A lot of cam models, content creators and adult industry workers love the idea of starting a “Private Snapchat”. This is where people pay to view their nude photos/videos, and sometimes even get sneak peeks into Behind The Scenes and get to know you better as a creator. No matter how you decide to run your Snapchat, there is always a need for marketing. Bringing traffic to your Snapchat account is the best way to make a form of passive income and also keep you interested in regularly posting on it. When you have a regular flow of traffic and views, you’ll be more likely to continue posting often since it will continue to be a profitable venture.


Getting Traffic In A Saturated Market

Getting traffic onto Private Snapchat accounts used to be a “walk in the park” years ago. But now that it is such a commonly discussed thing, even among people who aren’t sex workers, we’ve found ourselves in an over-saturated market. So first things first – if you want to gain traction with your account, you are going to want to be the best at whatever you are doing. Since the market is so competitive, customers will more than likely go with accounts that are more active and hosting higher quality content.

This idea can include things like upgrading your phone to have better quality, investing in equipment and props to better your content (Selfie Sticks, Hands Free Remotes, Lights that mount to your phone, etc.) Quantity over quality can also play a role in the success of your Snapchat, by posting often you will be more likely to draw in customers no matter what the quality of the posts is.


Create Eye-Catching Promotions!

Once you’ve gotten your equipment to the best you can, and you’ve gotten into a routine of posting (however much that may be) you are now ready to advertise. Creating eye catching graphics and previews to post on social media is a great first step. Make sure if you create a text graphic that the font and size of the font is legible, try utilizing contrast colors to catch attention. The Snapchat logo itself is a great example of graphic contrast, black and white against a yellow background.


Creating Content – Watermarking Your Content!

If you are creating video or photo graphics, make sure that your contact method is clearly visible on the photo or video, or at the very least that it is watermarked with your social media handle. For example: if you create a Tweet with a video preview of what members of your Snapchat get access to, and you put all of the payment/contact information in the caption, also be sure to put your Twitter handle on the video itself. This way if it is replicated and shared across different platforms outside of just your Tweet, the viewers will still be able to find you. Another important part of photo/video marketing is to not give too much away.

If you also create content you will be familiar with creating previews for things and will likely already understand this concept. If you post a Snapchat story/show that is altogether 5 minutes, and you post a 3 minute preview, you are giving away 3/5 of your entire show for free. Which on the bigger scale of things (if you do a 5 minute show every night, and charge subscribers monthly) isn’t that big of a deal, but if you only post once every 3-4 days that will have a bigger impact on the ratio of stuff you are giving for free. It may also make your current subscribers question re-subscribing if you’re giving out the best stuff for free in a preview.


Networking with Other Performers and Promoters!

Now that you’ve got previews made, you can also cross-network with fellow performers. Making friends within the adult industry is not only helpful for moral support, but also because of sharing traffic. Especially when it’s friends within similar markets. For example: my best friend looks very similar to me, performs on the same site, and we have the same work hours. The people who like her work tend to like mine as well, so when we cross-network (share each others Snap Codes, links, generally promote each other) we tend to have more successes because we are providing very similar things to an audience that is seeking that “thing.”

Many models hesitate to cross-network due to the fear of “customer stealing” but in the bigger picture it almost never happens maliciously, and the creator to consumer ratio is so high that it isn’t life changing as long as you consistently promote yourself. As well as performers, there are also “promoter” accounts which can be helpful. (Tip: Never offer anything in return for promotion without seeing evidence of success/conversion rates!)


Run a Public Snapchat Account, Build Up Your “Pool of Potentials!”

A Public Snapchat account is ultimately the best way to market your Private account, directing traffic to other social media works pretty well but ultimately there is nothing better than having users on the same application which makes the conversion much easier. Public Accounts are also great for giving potential customers a “taste” of what they’ll get, and it gives people who are unsure if they are interested the time to think it over (and more time for you to really drive the sale and convince them it’s worth it!)

Having a Public Snapchat is also a very good way to market your other ventures (cam, videos, sales, whatever!) to people who may not want to commit fully to a Snapchat subscription but still want to support you/enjoy interacting with you. You can even save videos and photos from your private account and censor them with emojis or use the drawing feature to censor them, then repost that to your public story. It will let viewers know exactly what they are missing!



Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket, Use Many Payment Sites!

A lot of people make the mistake of only committing to one payment platform, but when you are using sites that have their own source of traffic and aren’t indie (self-driven traffic) then you should really post it on all of them! If you are already on any of the popular clip sites with a store front option then it never hurts to throw up a store item for your Snapchat, customers who are there to just browse your videos and don’t get off-site much may not know that it is something you even offer if you don’t make it readily available on their preferred platform! Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have an indie option with a higher percentage for customers that you are converting (from your Public Account for example) but having payment options across every platform that allows it will maximize your potential exposure to paying customers.


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