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Rumors That Streamate Is Going To Allow Clip Sales

There are rumors that Streamate is going to stop recording our privates and exclusives, and selling them for their own gain. Instead, they will be releasing a new system for models to sell videos through the site itself. Streamate is yet to make an official announcement (they never announced they were ripping models off though, so why would they?). But many customers have been in contact with Streamate Support and have claimed that they are being denied their subscription to view the videos and some are being refunded due to the system undergoing changes.


Personal Experience From One Of My Streamate Customers

I reached out to a customer of mine who has a Streamate account and is a loyal Streamate customer, reaching Tier-3 in multiple models rooms. I’m not sure if spending habits correlate with your ability to purchase video access on Streamate. I asked him if he has ever been offered the ability to buy videos from a model (and since there is no system for us to upload videos for sale yet, it is clear that what he says next means Streamate is still doing their bullshit.)

He showed me an example of going to my profile, which contained the free videos I have uploaded (which is fine, I uploaded them, I wasn’t surprised). But then he sent me a video of him clicking on a random girl who he has never visited on Streamate . He clicked on her “My Videos” button, where it prompted him to “Spend $2.99 to view her video gallery for 1 day.”

I did not ask him to click it, but it is clear since we are not allowed to price our videos or offer subscriptions, that Streamate is ripping the models off. If they are stopping their subscription access, they have not pulled it from all pages yet.


Keeping All The Videos On-Site Prevents Sales On Other Clip Sites

As of right now there has been no “pricing system” rolled out on Streamate, but there is a way to distinguish whether videos you upload to your gallery will be free or hidden from your profile. These hidden videos can still be sent to members. It has been theorized that moving all video sharing to Streamate will help the site avoid “sending traffic offsite”. It would prevent models from sharing DropBox or other file sharing download links.  Such links may include the performers handles across social media or other sites they are on.

Why does Streamate want to prevent their performers from sharing their social media? They’re scared if a customer finds the girls on another site, they’ll tip them there, because a majority of Streamate customers know that the girls are getting ripped off…Okay, maybe I’m being a little biased, but they haven’t officially clarified a reason why they’re so against social media sharing, so we’re going to just roll with my explanation for now.


Why This Is A Disadvantage To Models

So, why is this a disadvantage? Uploading files takes forever, and as a cam girl, most of us know that a good long video can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to upload. That’s uninterrupted time. God forbid you try to stream something while it’s uploading. Taking away the ability for models to have a singular source, which they can use across multiple platforms to distribute videos is plain out annoying. Especially for models who weren’t breaking the rules.

There is also a size limit on videos you can upload, which can be annoying for those who really focus on quality/size/and length of videos. Ready for the worst part, though? All videos uploaded must have performers approved on YOUR account to be added. So if you have boy/girl videos, you have to create a performer account for the boy, reach out to support to add them to your account. And the best part? Depending on who you talk to in support, some will add other performers and some won’t.

They work on a very annoying copy and paste system down at the Streamate help office. I’ve reached out to support multiple times to add my cam partner and video partner Blake to my account, and I’ve been told multiple times it “wasn’t possible” and that I had to create a couple account. I eventually reached out to Vanessa, who seems to be one of the only sane people behind the scenes at Streamate HQ. She very quickly added him to the account for me.


All Models Are Waiting For An Official Streamate Response

Could the members who are being denied subscriptions simply be getting barred from the system for sharing what they know? Or is Streamate really going to stop monetizing their models, who they already screw over in revenue percentage? I guess we will just have to wait and see!

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