My Goal Of Reaching The ManyVids Top 50

This month I have given myself a task, to go up 50 ranks on ManyVids. In March, I started the month in the high 500-somethings. I have recently delved into focusing more time on my video production. The monetary potential in videos is incredible and unbeatable, and it is a direction many cam girls have taken.

I can’t even name a cam girl who doesn’t also make clips on the side. Why? You put in let’s say 2 hours filming it, then maybe 3-5 hours editing it, then you post it and sell it (let’s say your video is 20 minutes long, so you price it at $24.99 which is a common price on ManyVids.) So now, you sell the video 5 times in its first week online. That’s about $75 for around 5 hours of work which is $15 an hour (double the federal minimum wage).


Selling Clips Creates A Passive Income

It’s also passive income, meaning you didn’t have to deal with a customer to make the money. Video selling is a cam girls key to passive income. You get to be in front of the camera doing what you usually do, but not interacting with customers, which is great for a day off from socializing. Now this whole passive income thing sounds great, but there is a difference between passive income and time wasting. You have to make the most out of your time spent on clips, or it might actually end up being a waste of time.


How I Got This Rank On ManyVids

So, how did I go up more than 200 ranks in a month on ManyVids? What does the rank mean for me and how is it changing my income? I’m currently ranked at 314 on my profile, but 427 for the month (it’s the beginning of the month, so I’m not stressed out over that!) How did I get to the 314 rank?

There are over 6,000 MV Stars now, all producing content, posting, selling, etc. Your “MV Girl” number is basically how well you are doing in contrast to your competition. In order to climb the ranks like that, I raked in $594.11 for the month. Now this is going to be the biggest surprise in my story. Only about 10% of my sales were from regular customers. The other 90% was from completely random people searching through ManyVids to find content from a babe like myself. How did I lure them in?


How Snapchat Takeovers Helped Gain Exposure

Snapchat takeovers, holy crap. Snapchat takeovers throw your personality in the face of hundreds or thousands of random viewers looking for new content to comb through and buy. Yes, some viewers on takeovers are freeloaders. We are all used to that though, it happens on cam, it happens on Snapchat, it happens literally everywhere an adult industry worker goes. You have to overlook the freeloaders for the few special guys who will be watching and fall in love with you, your personality, and most importantly; your porn.

Post some censored previews and guys will freak out over your videos. On the day I took over RedTube’s Snapchat, my ManyVids video traffic was at almost 1,500 views. That is 1,500 potential buyers combing through my videos thinking about purchasing them (because who goes to the link without the thought of actually buying something in mind?)


Networking With Other ManyVids Sellers

Model networking is a big plus as well. I had the honor of doing a Tips and Tricks session about ManyVids with Destiny Diaz (If you were interested in grabbing a session with her, it’s in her store and she’s awesome!). The things she taught me most definitely impacted the way I run my ManyVids. You don’t necessarily need to grab a session with another model in order to network with them though. Simply retweeting their advertisements on social media will show them you are supporting them and most of the time models will support you back in return. By doing this, you’re opening yourself up to a larger following therefore increasing the odds of your videos or store items being purchased.


Variety Is Key

Having variety is the KEY to success on ManyVids, and when I say “have variety” that doesn’t mean change who you are or anything. Let’s shine a light on Jenny Blighe, for example. The fiery redhead with a fit body is true to herself, yet has very diverse content. Her video store hosts over 200 videos including fetish, vanilla, boy/girl, girl/girl, threesomes… so basically anything a buyer could want, they will find in her store. Which is great because they go there because they love HER, and find her catering to the fetish or category that interests them. A big problem with buying porn is finding porn that you like! The theme is great, script is great, but the actor or actress may not be their type. If they’re visiting your store then you are their type. You just have to make sure to hold their interest by having enough variety to satiate your fans!


Quality Of The Production

Quality also plays a big part in video sales. Quality of the film, quality of the script, and one of the biggest things that will impact a sale is quality of the preview. Although ManyVids does offer a very handy preview creator, taking the time to create your own including more juicy tempting bits from your video will lure the buyer in more than a 9 second preview with one juicy thing. Before I started creating my own video previews I was in the 900’s on ManyVids. It’s no coincidence that I’m more successful due to my previews.


Consistency Keeps Your Rank Up!

Consistency! Last but certainly not least, being a consistent MV Girl will help keep your rank up. Adding store items, adding videos, and keeping up with your messages will keep you on top. ManyVids is much like a social network, the more you post the more active and bigger your following will be. Even posting a photo will keep your account active, and throw you onto the main page for a few minutes to draw some attention to your account.

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