How To Do Small Penis Humiliation Camming Shows

Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) is a fetish where someone, usually a female domme, insults the size of the viewers dick. SPH is commonly associated and combined with other forms of humiliation and is well suited for femdom models. In addition to SPH, there’s other forms of penis humiliation that are common. Sometimes you’ll have to go with other forms of humiliation, especially if the customer requesting the show has a big dick. Here’s how to perform these style of shows.


Be Dominant, Confident, Smile, Make Eye Contact and Humiliate

Part of being a domme is being confident and dominant. If you aren’t able to carry yourself confidently or speak and act with authority, it’ll show in your performance. Make sure to act confident, smile a lot and always make eye contact. Laugh at the customer and their tiny penis, make gestures and do whatever you can to be as humiliating as possible.


Give Directions and Order The Customer Around

In addition to talking down on them and their tiny dick, also boss them around. An example used in the mock demonstration is the use of a battery. Telling them to place a small or skinny object next to their penis for comparison works great. Barking out any other type of orders shows dominance over the customer, and the orders given should be meant to further humiliate them.


Use Objects In Your Performance

Using objects in the performance to compare their penis to helps. Once again, the battery  used in the video is a perfect example. The pinky in the mouth is another great example. Objects like pencils and anything else that’s short and skinny will work as well. You can use these props yourself, or direct the customer to find these objects and use them next to their penis.


Use Words Like “Pathetic”, “Loser”, “Useless”, ect.

Terms like: pathetic, weak, loser, useless, ect. are great words to use to emphasize your distastes towards them. This is by no means a complete list, but you get the idea. By any means, make sure the language used in the show is degrading and humiliating and have enough words and phrases to where you’re able to mix it up throughout the performance.

If you ever get stuck on what to say next, just start laughing at them. Laughing at them is a form of humiliation, and also gives you time to think of some more clever things to say next.


How To Do SPH For People Who Have Big Dicks

Occasionally you’ll get customers with big dicks who are into small penis humiliation. This is a lot more difficult than customers with small dicks, as you’ll have to lie. Many times, these sort of customers will not do cam-to-cam. This makes it easier, as you don’t know that they’ve got a big penis.

There’s other ways to humiliate these guys and their penises. Even if you can’t call their dick small, you can still humiliate them and their penis in other ways. Let them know how useless their penis is. Make them know that you want nothing to do with their dick, would never let it near you and don’t like it. If it’s big but skinny, you can let them know how skinny it is. You can even insult them on their big size and let them know that you’ll never let them stretch out your perfect pussy.


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