Pros and Cons of Selling Panties on Snifffr

Selling panties is not as easy as it sounds! Many platforms ban selling tangible items like socks and panties, and the sites that do allow panty sales often have low traffic or take a high percentage of the sale price. Many sites have stepped into this gap to connect panty buyers and sellers, including Snifffr. Snifffr is not a panty selling platform per se, because it does not process payments – instead, it is a panty listing site that is more like the classified ads in newspapers. Sellers pay a monthly fee to show their panties to potential buyers, and then payment is arranged off-site between buyer and seller.


High level of anonymity
Snifffr does not require you to submit any ID to sell on the site. They offer an optional verification that gives you a special badge on the site, showing that you have been confirmed to be a real person, but it is completely optional. This could be a plus if you are looking for an anonymous platform to sell panties on, but it is also a huge ethical (and possibly legal) issue when it comes to the possibility of underage sellers.


Charges a monthly fee for access to necessary features
The site charges $5.95 for your first month and $9 per month after for access to features like messaging that you need to be successful on the site. This makes sense, as without payment processing there is no other way for the site owners to monetize. There is no realistic way to use Snifffr to sell panties without paying the monthly fee.

No payment processing
Snifffr advertises that models get 100% of sales, but they don’t take a cut of sales simply because they don’t offer payment processing. The site is exclusively a listing site that advertises itself as connecting buyers and sellers, but not handling the actual transaction. This means that you have to negotiate a payment method with the buyer yourself, which is completely exhausting, as all buyers want PayPal, Venmo, or Cashapp.

Tons of freeloaders
Snifffr managed to surpass PantyDeal in regards to the sheer number of time wasters on the site. I received many sexually explicit messages from people who clearly had no interest in buying, and my attempts to redirect them to discussing my items for sale often resulted in insulting messages from butthurt freeloaders. The few legitimate messages I got were outweighed by freeloading dirty talk messages nearly 17 to 1.

Low average prices
Buyers on this site are looking for low prices. Most offered $15 shipped, which is not only impossible as an international model, but completely ridiculous when you take into account how much time it takes to work the site. Most potential buyers required at least 5 messages to get things sorted, and every sale fell through for me when I refused to take non-adult payment processing.

Like other similar sites, Snifffr is not worth the price or effort for performers who have other options. Listing your panties on a Manyvids store, even losing 40% of the purchase price, is far superior to paying monthly for access to a pool of buyers who are cheap, and an ocean of freeloaders. I struggled to get any interest in panties listed at either $50 or $35, and again was ultimately unable to sell anything because I would not take PayPal (Venmo and Cashapp are unavailable for Canadians, so I couldn’t take them even if I wanted to).

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