An introduction to the basics of the underwater fetish

The “underwater fetish” by its very nature is better suited to clips than cam shows. Bath and shower cam shows are very popular, but they typically don’t go far enough to satisfy the underwater fetishist. For the underwater fetish you will need to submerge your full body – or at the very least your entire head – and provide a clear view of your face and body while they are underwater. The fetish has a lot to do with the holding of the breath, and is a type of breath play that is still permitted on most platforms (breath play in the “choking” form is often banned or heavily policed). No fancy waterproof camera case or GoPro type setup? No problem! Not every underwater video requires submerging the camera. There are 2 main approaches to the underwater fetish, each with slightly different requirements.

Camera and Performer Underwater

These videos are usually shot in a pool and the camera is submerged, capturing the performer moving underwater. Videos may feature “sexy mermaid” vibes, or may be more focused on breath holding. Shooting in a deep body of water that allows full submersion can result in some really beautiful, sensual content if you are confident and capable when moving underwater. Some videos feature the same actions as bathtub videos (below) but on a more full-body scale and from an underwater video angle.

Bathtub Videos

Videos shot in the bathtub are typically filmed from an overhead angle and focus on the performer attempting to hold their breath. While each fetishist tends to prefer different things, some popular elements include opening your eyes underwater, puffing out your cheeks, and emerging from the water coughing and sputtering. Wearing makeup is optional – fetishists seem split in their preferences. You can incorporate role play into the video to add some variety, but short videos (3-5 minutes) sell well in this category, making it a great fetish to dip your toe into without a ton of time or effort invested.


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