Tips to force sneezes and 3 clip ideas

Sneezing fetish falls into the category of body function fetishes (like farting, burping, and peeing), and like those other fetishes, it can be either easy or hard to master! As with those other similar fetishes, it’s important not to fake a sneeze: even if you are forcing a sneeze using one of our tips below, you are still physically sneezing. Acting a sneeze will quickly turn off fetishists (and they can always tell), and will kill your chances of repeat buyers. The sneezing fetish is all about the loss of control, so don’t be afraid to let yourself go when you sneeze. Whatever noises you make, however your face and body move, just let it happen on camera! I’ve sneezed my false lashes off, had giant globs of snot fly across the screen, and made ridiculous noises, and customers have loved it.

How To Make Yourself Sneeze

  • Bright Lights: 18-35% of the population has a photic sneeze reflex that can be triggered by sudden exposure to bright light. Test your reflex status by turning on a bright light and looking directly at it, or closing your eyes for a minute and opening them, again looking directly at a bright light.
  • Tickler: Stimulate the inside of your nose using something like a thin, pointed strip of paper. Wiggle it using light pressure for best results.
  • Powder: While you can buy “sneezing powder” on Amazon, regular black pepper works just as well! Give it a little snort and revel in the results.

3 Sneezing Clip Ideas

  • Straightforward Fetish: Nothing but sneezes! Edit out the gaps in between for back-to-back-to-back sneezes. Try shooting close-ups of your face, topless from the waist yp, or full-body nude for some variety.
  • Jerk Off Instructions: Sneezing JOI is very popular, and allows you to fill in the time between sneezes with talking.
  • Masturbation: Sneezing while masturbating is a great way to add a fetish to a vaanilla video without alienating either audience. If you are talented at timing your sneezes, a sneezing orgasm is the perfect finale!


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