Pros and Cons of Selling Panties on PantyDeal

Selling panties can be hard. Many platforms ban selling tangible items like socks and panties, and the sites that do allow panty sales often have low traffic or take a high percentage of the sale price. Many sites have stepped into this gap to connect panty buyers and sellers, including PantyDeal. PantyDeal is not a panty selling platform in that it does not process payments – instead it functions as a classifieds site, where sellers pay a monthly fee to display their panties on the site.


High level of anonymity
PantyDeal does not require you to submit any ID to sell on the site. They offer an optional verification that gives you a special badge on the site, showing that you have been confirmed to be a real person, but it is completely optional. This could be a plus if you are looking for an anonymous platform to sell panties on, but it is also a huge ethical (and possibly legal) issue when it comes to the possibility of underage sellers.

Okay traffic
I got a lot of messages on PantyDeal, indicating that they have decent traffic, but many of those messages were time wasters, scammers, or possible bots/multiple account situations. It’s hard to judge their traffic based solely on messages, but I would say that while the site seems popular, the traffic is pretty low-quality.


Charges a very high monthly fee for access to necessary features
PantyDeal charges $19 per month for access to messaging. You need access to messages in order to communicate with buyers, because there is no “shopping cart” on this site, and you are prohibited from posting other contact information anywhere else in your profile or on store items. I cannot see how you would use this site without using the messaging feature, so you have to pay the monthly fee to use the site. This is also how PantyDeal makes money, because they do not take a cut of sales.

No payment processing
PantyDeal does not take a cut of sales because they do not offer payment processing. The site is exclusively a listing site that advertises itself as connecting buyers and sellers, but not handling the actual transaction. This means that you have to negotiate a payment method with the buyer yourself, which is completely exhausting, as all buyers want PayPal, Venmo, or Cashapp. I was unable to complete a single sale on the site because every single potential buyer refused to use any adult industry approved payment option.

Tons of freeloaders
My inbox was full of guys with questions that were clearly answered in my panty ads, as well as guys looking for free dirty talk. I averaged 10 freeloaders for every 1 person who had a genuine inquiry, and that’s not including messages that I suspect were bots, nor does it include the scammers.

Lots of scammers
There were a lot of messages from guys who wanted to chat on kik or whatsapp, and many of them were running a sugar daddy scam where they ask for a “trust payment” (I downloaded kik to add a few to test whether or not they were legit customers). Many of the messages about kik were clearly sent by the same people, as they were identical messages, but lots of other messages were also clearly sent by the same 2 or 3 people, or by bots, possibly by the site trying to make it look like you had more traffic and attention.

Low average prices
Most customers were looking for panties in the $15-20 range, including shipping. This is an impossible target to hit as an international model, and even if the customer was in the same country as me, postage would eat up over half of that price. I typically sell panties for $35-50, so the prices customers were trying to negotiate with me (and they all offered below the listed price) were well below what I had posted.

Poor site features and options
This site is hard to use, no doubt about it. It is poorly laid out, there is very little tutorial information on the features, and you can only post 1 photo per store listing, which is completely unacceptable for something tangible like panties. The features are incredibly limited, and considering the monthly price you pay for this site, it’s an absolute joke.

In summary, PantyDeal is a waste of your time and money. The only way to success on this site is selling lots of panties for very low prices, and taking non-adult payment options. The amount of time it takes to sift through the scammers, freeloaders, and timewasters alone wipes out any profit you would be making. Tack on the high monthly fee, and PantyDeal just isn’t worth it.

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