7 ways to earn more money on the most popular cam site in the world

While Chaturbate can seem crowded and over-saturated with performers, it is the top cam site in the world in terms of traffic, and there is money to be made on the platform. Whether you are a cam newbie or an industry veteran, Chaturbate is one of the best sites out there. Here are 7 easy tips to increase your income on Chaturbate.

1. Stick to a schedule

Camming is a job, and you don’t get paid if you don’t treat it like real work. Yes, one of the perks of camming is that your hours can be flexible, but if you are totally inconsistent, then your money will also be inconsistent and lower than it would be if you maintained a consistent schedule. If your lifestyle requires extra flexibility, at least make sure that you are putting in a consistent number of hours per week. Each camming shift should last a minimum of 2 hours to get your best traffic.

2. Tell your followers that you’re online!

Chaturbate offers a feature that will notify your followers that you’re online by sending them a link and an image. While the image does have to be non-nude, make sure you choose something super-sexy that will make your followers drop what they’re doing to show up in your cam room! Choosing a photo that reflects the actual outfit you’re wearing on cam that day can be a really good strategy to give your fans a preview of what they’ll see when they log on.

3. Sell videos and photos

Chaturbate has a built-in content selling platform that lets you sell videos and photo sets for tokens without requiring you to manually send content to your buyers. Regularly adding new content will keep your fans coming back to check for hot new content, and you can make money from selling content even when you are offline.

4. Run a fan club

Give your fans instant access to your content by charging a monthly fee for a fan club. We’ve got an entire article about running a fan club on Chaturbate, and it can be a great way to further monetize your content on Chaturbate and create recurring monthly income from subscribers.

5. Create a tip menu

Having a tip menu lets your viewers decide what they want without having to ask a bunch of questions. It also sets boundaries by telling viewers what you WILL do, and what your prices are, leaving less room for them to try to negotiate. Shy viewers don’t have to interrupt the flow of the room to ask about your rates, and you will have to say “no” less often than if you don’t have a tip menu ready to go. Having a tip menu that is regularly posted in the chat using an app or bot also subtly reminds your viewers that you are here to make money, and offers them an easy way to support you without you having to beg for tips non-stop.

6. Play tipping games

Tipping games are popular for a reason! Chaturbate has dozens of great tipping game bots and apps that will run the games for you, leaving you free to entertain your room, reward players, and encourage more tippers.

7. Use social media

In the “good old days”, you could rely on the site to send enough traffic to your cam room to make good money, but with thousands upon thousands of models online at any given time these days, you need to do a bit more work. Make sure you always post that you’re online on Twitter, and regularly post social media content to grow your following. Don’t worry if you don’t have 100,000 followers – followers/fans do not automatically translate into more money, but the more followers, the greater your reach when promoting your cam room. Having a social media presence helps you brand yourself, and by tagging @chaturbate you might get featured on their social media, which will give you a huge boost.

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