What to do to maximize your sexting income

Sexting is a great way to earn money, and it can be done in situations where camming would be impossible. Once you’ve signed up for a platform or two, though, what do you do?

Get comfortable with words

There’s no easy way to say it: if you’re not great with words, you’ll find it hard to make a lot of money with sexting. “Mmmmm” and “yeah fuck me baby” only get you so far, and lead to short sessions and short sessions don’t pay big bucks. If you already cam or do phone sex, pay attention to the words you use, the way you speak, and how you describe things. Write some notes after private shows or phone sex calls to give you inspiration when you’re searching for the right words during a sexting session. You don’t need to be a super-speedy texter or skilled wordsmith to succeed in sexting, but you do need to send messages of a decent length and with reasonably descriptive language in order to have satisfied customers, good reviews, and return business.

Prep a few scenarios

Sometimes a customer will come to you with a fantasy ready to go, but often they expect you to get the party started. If you find it challenging to come up with ideas on the fly, have a few standard openers that you can use as jumping-off points. I start most of my sexting sessions – especially with new customers – with 1 of about 4 scenarios that are pretty palatable to most vanilla clients. From there, I use their responses to create a unique session that is customized to them. Having a few “stock scenarios” that I know inside out just makes it easier to get a good conversation going, and can really help out when the session is very one-sided and it’s up to me to keep things moving.

Stock up on selfies

Sexting customers love swapping pics, and most sexting platforms let you charge more for a photo than for a regular text message. Posed or photo shoot pictures aren’t what you need here, though – customers want the fantasy that it’s live, so you need phone selfies, and you probably need a lot of them. It can be hard to keep track of what photos you’ve sent to what customers, so try to take a series of selfies in different outfits. An hour or two of selfie shooting can set you up with a month or more of photos to use in your sexting sessions. When you can, take photos live as well, but I often do sexting when I am not in the best surroundings for nudity.

Promote your sexting

While most sexting platforms have some traffic of their own, you need to promote your own sexting services in order to make money. Whether you promote on-platform through things like bidding on Niteflirt or the SextPanther explore page, or off-platform with social media, you need to do something to drive traffic to your profile. Some platforms even offer affiliate pay for models who refer their own customers, increasing your earnings on that customer.

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