Running a fan club on Chaturbate is easy!

If you find yourself overwhelmed by choosing a fan club platform (Onlyfans has name recognition, but AVN Stars has top-notch features, and then JustForFans has the best model connection with staff), you are not alone. With so many options swirling around – it sometimes seems like a new platform launches every week – it can be easy to be paralyzed by the options. And, of course, once you launch your fan club, you have to promote it. Why not run a fan club off the cam site you’re already promoting every time you live stream? Cam site Chaturbate has a built-in fan club feature for models who want an all-in-one solution!

Using Chaturbate’s built-in platform

Running a fan club on Chaturbate uses Chaturbate’s content selling platform in conjunction with its own fan club function. Chaturbate has already built the infrastructure to take monthly payments and to give immediate access to content, but they’ve done a terrible job of promoting the feature to models! You set your price under “Settings and Privacy”, and when you upload new photo sets or videos, you can choose to make it free to everyone, only available for purchase, or available for purchase but free to fan club members.

Mix of photos and videos

You can upload either photo sets or videos to Chaturbate’s platform, and most successful fan clubs are a mix of both. Because Chaturbate’s platform does not support scheduling content, it is not ideal for those who want to run a daily post fan club. Making a content calendar will help you make sure that you are keeping up with content. If you are camming regularly it will be easy to upload content because you’re on the site anyway, and because you can make videos available for both purchase and fan club, you will be making money off your content outside your fan club, too.

Promote in profile and when online

Promoting your Chaturbate fan club is easy! You can add a special segment to your profile to advertise your fan club, so every time you link your cam room anywhere, you are promoting your fan club. You can also freely talk about it when you are streaming, which is a benefit you don’t have with most fan club platforms!

Pros of a Chaturbate fan club

  • You can freely promote your fan club on Chaturbate without worrying about breaking any rules.
  • Promoting your camming automatically promotes your fan club, and you only have to drive traffic to one place for both.
  • You can post content for individual sale and fan club access at the same time, in the same place.
  • Incredibly simple to set up and run without any extra, confusing features.

Cons of a Chaturbate fan club

  • Does not support audio or text posts – just photos and videos.
  • No way to directly message your fan club subscribers.
  • No promotional discounts or free trial options.
  • No scheduling feature.

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