4 ways to inject new life into a stale fan club

While the Onlyfans hype may have passed its peak, adult fan clubs are still extremely popular, and are a great income opportunity for performers who create their own content. After a while, though, you may find your subscriber numbers plateauing or declining, or you may find yourself struggling to keep up with your posting schedule. Try these 4 tips to inject some new life into a stale fan club!

1. Supercharge your content creation

If you’re shooting and uploading content to release on the same day, you’re going to wind up missing releases and burning out on content creation. It’s impossible to keep up with a same-day shooting schedule when life gets busy, and it’s also not the most effective use of your time. Batch your content creation by shooting in multiple outfits with small changes to hair/makeup to create multiple days of content, and then use your fan club platform’s scheduling feature to post all of the content in advance.

2. Change your posting style

We all get into a rut sometimes – I like to call it a routine! Shaking things up can boost revenue, though, so consider testing out new posting styles. If you usually post your content in your feed, try sending content through DMs (locked or free), and vice versa. Try changing up your media choices, too: if you usually only post pictures, add in a video or 2. And use audio! It’s one of the most under-utilized media types on fan clubs, but subscribers love it, and it’s easy to record audio stories your fans will love.

3. Run a special promotion

A sale can be a good way to get new fan club members, and a nice boost in money always motivates me to put more energy into something. Even if you decide not to run a sale involving a discount on your subscription price, adding a subscription incentive like dick ratings or free nudes can increase new sign-ups. Using disappearing content can also work as a sign-up incentive.

4. Collaborate with another performer

Working with another model is a great way to cross-promote your fan club to another audience. You can, of course, do in-person collabs where you shoot for content trade or content share, or you can do a virtual collab! You could try a “take over” of each other’s fan club for a day, where you share your own sexy content to their subscribers, or shoot a green screen video to edit together. There are lots of fun ways to incorporate another performer if you are not willing or able to work together in person.

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