5 ways to increase your income as an independent Skype webcam model

1. Keep in touch

Haven’t seen a regular customer around in a while? Send them a message! I like to send holiday-themed photos with a little holiday greeting to remind customers of how much they miss me. For good regulars, I keep notes on their hobbies and interests, and will send short messages about sports teams, etc, to let them know I am thinking of them. This kind of communication is quick and easy, and can be a great way to build a lasting relationship. Need more ideas? Check out our list of ways to keep in touch with customers to build loyalty.

2. Upsell show add-ons

Charge more to do certain things in your shows! Common add-ons include additional charges for outfit changes, fetish/kink shows, sex acts like anal, and additional charges for a video recording of the cam show. Don’t nickel-and-dime your customers to death – too many additional charges can be confusing – but put a reasonable price on your extra effort.

3. Treat your contact list like an email list for marketing

Got new content coming out? Launching a new fan club? Tell your Skype customers! Skype camming has the benefit of giving you a way to contact customers directly, without the limitations that most cam sites put on your ability to cross-promote your different sites. Send out notifications for sales, discount codes, and other promotions.

4. Pace your shows

If you’re using a per-minute Skype show plugin like the one from SkyPrivate, pacing your show is a critical skill to learn. Block-booked Skype shows give you a certain amount of time to achieve your goal, but per-minute shows have the potential to stretch out. Show pacing is a skill that models coming from private show sites will be familiar with, but if you are new to camming or come from a public show site, it can take a while to hit the sweet spot between dragging your heels (and annoying the client) and rushing through the show.

5. Promote longer shows

Encourage your block-booking clients to buy longer shows by slightly discounting longer shows. People love getting a deal, and offering a discount on longer shows will tempt your customers to spend more money with you. You can also offer incentives for clients who book longer shows, like free photos or discounts on content.

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