Is the renamed xHamster Premium platform poised to step into Modelhub’s shoes?

If you haven’t heard of FapHouse, perhaps you’ve heard of xHamster Premium. xHamster recently rebranded its xHamster Premium clip selling platform as FapHouse, and while reactions to the name have been mixed, the platform itself is a huge opportunity for both performers and xHamster itself. The death of Pornhub’s Modelhub platform – with its individual clip sales and view share income – was a huge blow for many performers, but it appears xHamster is ready to step into the hole left by Modelhub’s departure.

Clip Sales

The first way that FapHouse allows performers to make money is via individual clip sales. While the FapHouse upload and video review / approval system is undoubtedly much slower and clunkier than Modelhub’s, it does allow uploaders to choose categories and tags for their video, and their search function has slightly improved from the early days. Anecdotally, most models are seeing fairly low clip sales compared to Modelhub, but part of the rebrand is to better focus on FapHouse as a paid platform, and not a free site like xHamster. Additionally, the old xHamster Premium name was often confused with Pornhub Premium, which was a subscription service, while xHamster Premium was both an ad-free subscription and a clip selling site.

View Share

One of the earning opportunities most missed when Modelhub went belly-up was the view share program. Pornhub Premium was a paid subscription service that gave buyers access to ad-free videos on Pornhub as well as access to videos on Modelhub without having to buy videos individually. Models whose for-sale videos were watched for free by Pornhub Premium members received about $35 per 1,000 views – far above the $0.60/1,000 views offered for free videos. The view share program was popular with both members (who got great bang for their buck) and models (who got paid for views), and it looks like FapHouse is ready to make view share a large part of its platform. They have begun selling premium memberships and paying out view share earnings for models who opt-in to having their content in the program.

Fan Club

Performers can also run an adult fan club on FapHouse, though compared to platforms like JustForFans, AVN Stars, and Onlyfans, the features are rather lacking. You can select your own monthly price to charge and select which videos will be available to your members as part of their subscription.

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