How to turn 3 ideas into 27 clips!

When it comes to creating fetish and porn clips, coming up with ideas can often be the hardest part. If I find myself stumped for video ideas, I turn to a simple formula that I use to turn 3 ideas into 27 clips!

The First 3 Ideas

First, I come up with 3 fetishes or basic scenarios that I would like to shoot. The ideas are as simple as “blowjob” or “pantyhose fetish”. If I can’t think of a damned thing for this part, I will run a report on Clips4Sale to see what niches have been selling for me recently and choose the top 3.

Choose 3 Outfits

Next, I come up with 3 very different outfits to use for the clips. I choose outfits that work with all 3 of the scenarios, so that 1 outfit can do triple-duty. Sometimes I make 1 of the “outfits” nudity, just to have that option available for guys who just want all naked, all the time. Then I will try to make the other 2 outfits very different. For example, I won’t choose a red dress and a black dress, but I will choose a red dress and a black bodystocking. Changing up the color, cut, and silhouette will help your videos stand out from each other, even though the actual content may be similar. If you stop here in generating ideas, you already have 9 potential clips: each original idea multiplied by 3 outfits.

Select 3 Locations

Finally, I choose 3 different places in my house to film. This doesn’t have to be wildly different – like many of you, I am limited by both a small apartment and places without personal items in view. I often use different slipcovers on my office couch, combined with different throw pillows and blankets, to change up the backdrop of my clips. Depending on the type of content you shoot, you could also use photo studio backdrops, or film against different walls. The most important thing is that something is noticeably different in each location. Maybe you do this by switching from a grey slipcover with pink pillows to a tan slipcover with navy pillows, or by filming in a corner with nothing in it, then moving in a few plants or a tapestry for the “new location”. Just enough change that your thumbnails won’t look identical!

If you choose 3 scenarios x 3 outfits x 3 locations, you now have 27 ideas for videos. Will you shoot all 27? Probably not, but now you also have ideas grouped by outfit and location for different shooting options! I find that using this method often helps me shake off the cobwebs and rediscover some creativity in my clips. How do you generate clip ideas when you’re feeling stale?

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