Performing With Other Camgirls

As you have probably noticed there are a lot of cam girls who cam and make video content with other girls. It seems fun, and from personal experience it can be very fun! There are important things you should do before working with another cam girl, that some people tend to overlook for the sake of friendship and the trust that comes with that. The following is a list of important things you should do before working with anyone on cam or for videos

Get Tested! (And Make Sure Other Performers Do Too!)

Get tested! Getting tested is important, because even though you personally may know that you are not carrying any diseases, the person you intend to cam with may not be sure of this. There are also cases in which you may have an STD and not know about it (i.e. a partner cheating and becoming infected therefore unknowingly spreading it to you.) It is always better to be safe than sorry! There is a fantastic site Talent Testing Services that offers the entire testing package for only $155, and you can even set up your appointment and view your results online.

Prepare A Model Release Form

A model release form is very important because you can ultimately end up being sued for the copyrights to content you make with another person (for example, if your friendship with the model ends badly.) Being sued is a lengthy and terrible process especially when it’s by someone who you thought was a friend, which many girls who work together do. When preparing your model release, make sure you cover important basics such as who gets the rights to reproduce the content, if there is any specific price range you had in mind, that you can’t be held liable for the results of the content, etc. It is very easy to find model release templates online, and you can use these to perfect your own.

Get Tax Information

If you make more than $400 with a person (and it is on your account connected to your taxes) it is standard that you would issue this person a 1099 form. Or, you can take the taxes out of their cut. Either way, it is important that you stay up to date on your taxes and pay them properly! (Don’t want to get audited!)

Discuss The Type of Content and Limitations

Prepare a list of limitations. You don’t want to work with another person and end up getting a giant dildo shoved up your but if you don’t want to! Preparing a list of limitations will allow both parties to be prepared, answer customer questions appropriately and to not be caught off guard or do things they may ultimately not want to do.

Remember Personal Safety

If you are going into an environment you’ve never been in to make content with this person, and they may have other roommates or people living with them, make sure you have a safe place to go to, a person to call, and a plan if things go badly. Traveling to the middle of nowhere to make content with a person you’ve never met before can be incredibly fun if it’s the right person, but there are also people out there who do crazy things, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Working With Other Girls Is A Great Way To Grow

Working with other cam girls is a great way to make money, spread your image to a new fan base, and make wonderful friendships. Remember to always go about it the safe and proper way to avoid making the experience a bad one for yourself!

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