Buying Paid Promotion from other Creators on OnlyFans can Boost your Income

Using the popular messaging application Telegram, many adult performers have started to sell promotion on their OnlyFans accounts. You can also use Shoutout Express, a platform designed for social media and OnlyFans promotion purchases. There is no minimum fan count or earning percentage to sell paid promotion and paid promotion can be done on free or paid OnlyFans accounts. When investing money it can be scary to spend on accounts that are usually hidden behind a paywall with no idea of if you will make your money back or make a return on your invested money. While there are tips to Maximize your Paid Promo on OnlyFans sometimes you’ve still done all you can to promote on your end and have lackluster results. As someone who has paid for a lot of promotion and experienced my fair share of flops, here are my tips for you!

Find the right promoter for you

If you are a performer that posts lewds and teases, buying promo from a performer who specializes in explicit content will likely not work well for you. Try to find a performer with a similar brand or similar style to yourself, this will help you make the most out of your paid promotion. You can even edit your promotional content to encourage people to follow you because of your similar styles.

Create a personalized bio for each promotion you buy

Assuming that customers follow multiple performers, you’ll want to have a different post through each promoter that you buy in case you can catch a fans eye in a new way with new wording or different information. Marketing the same content over and over, especially if you are paying for it, is not smart. You will want to look at the profile of the promoter you’re buying through and see what kind of things they post and some of their key physical features and market yourself in a way that will appeal to the fans of your promoter. Since you are paying for your promotion, don’t be shy! Include any links (that are allowed on OnlyFans) that you want. Be descriptive! Don’t use the same old copy and paste shoutout for shoutout info you send out to everyone you do free promotion with.

Remember that fan count does not always mean conversions

Buying from pages with high fan count can be exciting, but remember that it will not always convert for you. Investing money into promotion that is expensive can end up in a financial loss if you are not careful. The more you spend on a promotion, the more you should research the person selling that promo and seeing if past buyers had success. There are promo review groups on Telegram and if you browse through their page and see other people promoted by them you should try reaching out before investing.

Avoid scams with real time verifications

When you are spending your money on something you have every right to request live verification of fan count. You can ask someone to briefly put their fan count on public or send you a current screen grab of their top performer percentage with the current time included. Anyone who is serious about their promo sale won’t hesitate and it will help you be certain that the account you are buying from is accurately representing their fan count.

Know the audience you’re marketing to

If you buy promotion on a free account, you will be more likely to have success promoting a free account. Your bio should focus on the main account you are trying to promote and typically free on free or paid on paid will be more successful. You can feel free to throw your other link in on the post, but don’t make it your primary focus.


Set a fan goal

You should set a fan goal of return that you have to make in order for your investment to be worthwhile, for most people breaking even is good because those people may leave re-bill on which results in increased income. For example: if you buy promotion for $50, and your subscription fee is $5, you will make $4 from every new subscriber and after taxes that is about $2.80. In order to break even on your investment you need to get 18 new subscribers from your promotion. Do you think with the base of followers you are promoting to that is possible? Do you want to only focus on making your money back and meeting new fans or do you want growth?

Consider having a promotional sale

Having a promotional sale going on during your paid promo can be beneficial, it will entice more people to join. But keep in mind, if you promote on an account that isn’t as high converting a lot of the people who fall in love with your look would subscribe whether you were on sale or not. Think hard about the risk vs the reward. Will the sale entice more people to join? Offering a sale when you do promo with a person who you don’t have as much in common with can be beneficial to give people the chance to check you out if they aren’t completely sold at first.

Buy multi-day promo when possible

Some sellers do not offer multi-day promo but take advantage of the people that do! Especially when they pin your post or do a new daily post for you. This will give all of their followers a chance to see you, and be exposed to your ads multiple times. Use a different bio and different media for each day if you can.

Make sure you don’t buy from a “catalog promoter”

Do you ever scroll through an OnlyFans account and find yourself wondering who the account even belongs to? That’s a catalog promoter. When you buy from a promoter there should be a good ratio of promotional content to personalized content. You should ask the promoter how many promotions they post a day to ensure that you won’t be lost in a sea of catalog clutter.

Offer a special incentive within your post bio

Offering a free video or photo for new members who join and message you a certain word or emoji, or comment on your recent posts, can help you to open the bridge of communication with your new followers and it will add extra incentive to join. Do it within your promotional post to add an extra dazzle to your advertisement.

Ask for the post stats

OnlyFans has a post stats feature that you should ask if you can get a screenshot of once the promo ends while you arrange your promo. This will help you to determine if your advertisement was good, how many people saw the advertisement, how well it converted, etc. You can move forward with different promotions and focus on different media types or bio styles based on how well your promotional content was received. You will also be able to see how interactive their audience was so you can consider buying promo from them again or use this information if you are ever contacted as a reference for someone else buying their promo.

Start off small

When you first start buying promo, it can be very exciting but do not sink all of your money into buying promo. You can set a schedule for yourself, and if you promo once or twice a month it should carry you easily through re-bills. Start with cheaper promo until you break even and begin making returns before you dive into more expensive promo. Go higher in slow increments to help decrease possible money lost. Also look at your own stats and records to see when there are slow times and avoid buying promo during these times.

Check in on your promo

Some promoters will offer free trials, if they don’t it may be a good option to subscribe to the person you purchased promo from so you can keep an eye on your post and make sure it isn’t deleted early. You should also log in to check if OnlyFans is working properly, occasionally there are glitches and site down time which may result in a bad promo for you. In cases like these, most promoters are okay with rescheduling your promo.


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