Roleplaying is a popular fetish / niche in live webcam and adult porn clips

The thought of doing roleplay shows can be scary to some people because it involves differentiating yourself from your typical course of action in a live show or clip and “assuming a new persona” to satisfy your viewer. Roleplay is a very broad fetish / niche because roleplaying can be very basic or very complex depending on what the customer is looking for in your roleplay. Some roleplays only require something as simple as a costume or outfit change, while others may require you to delve into a totally new persona. If you’ve provided the girlfriend experience, daddy / daughter fetish, or any fetish that involves some form of acting then you probably already have some experience with roleplay!

What are some easier roleplays to try in cam shows and clips?

  • Neighbor – this one is super easy because you can slide in subtle commentary about how you’ve seen them around the neighborhood and thought they were sexy (or disgusting, if that’s the kind of show you’re going for. *cough FemDom cough*) This ties into the “girl next door” stereotype that viewers love!
  • Best Friends Significant Other – this is a great option for humiliation shows where you compare how much better their best friend is than them, but it can also be used for cute sexy shows and be taboo because of the “betrayal.” All you need for this is their best friends name! You can be super broad with your statements about their friend and it will still seem more personal because of how well they know their friend.
  • Babysitter – the babysitter obsession has stood the test of time and is still a very popular category among dads, the hot babysitter takes care of the kids and then the dad when he gets home! This roleplay is very easy to channel, and you can use lines like “I think I need a little extra payment since I did such a good job!”
  • Co-worker – this one is easier if you have a general idea of their career and what it’s like, luckily many office jobs, retail jobs, and sales jobs have the same general flow and there’s a good chance you’ve worked one of these in your life. Channel your inner worker bee and complain about your boss to your co-worker then offer some stress relief!
  • Boss – this roleplay puts you in a position of power which works great for FemDom shows, but it can also work great for regular vanilla shows or clips as well. You can accuse your viewer of slacking off at work and needing to make up for it (sexually or otherwise) or you can be giving them a bonus to rewards their efforts, either way it makes for a fun idea!
  • Movie / TV Show Character / Fictional Character – these roleplays can be especially fun with some preparation ahead of time to get the costume gathered. Cosplay is a form of roleplay if you decide to take on the role of the character you dress as. These are easy because you have source material to work with and instead of creating a new persona you get to adapt a pre-existing persona to a more sexualized role.
  • Teacher / Student – another tried and true staple of roleplay is the Teacher / Student dynamic. Maybe you are a student who needs to learn some lessons of sexual nature, maybe you’re a teacher who is easily convinced to give extra credit for a passing grade.
  • Stranger in Public – a lot of customers fantasize about the idea of “stumbling into” sexual situations when they head out to the store, go to the DMV, get stopped for speeding, or encounter a hot stranger on a hike. The sky is the limit when it comes to roleplaying a stranger they’ve met in public, because it is one of the easier roles to get into (since you most likely don’t already closely know your viewer on a very personal level) and you are only roleplaying your environment, not your persona.
  • Landlord / Tenant – similar to the boss scenario, if your tenant has slacked off on house maintenance or hasn’t paid their bills they can “pay you in sexual favors.” As the tenant you can also offer to pay this way.

What do you do if you are asked to participate in a roleplay you aren’t comfortable with?

First things first, you NEVER want to roleplay as someone who is underage. This is against the rules on nearly every cam and clip site. You also might want to strongly consider not participating in “forced” or “coerced” roleplays as these can also walk the line with rules on many sites. While everyone in porn is a consenting adult and this is known, there are still some topics that you should exercise caution when participating in. If you have any concerns about what is or is not allowed, make sure to check out the performers rules on your preferred site. An easy way to get out of roleplays you aren’t comfortable with is telling a customer that it isn’t allowed on your chosen site or that you simply don’t feel like it’s a fit for you, but if you want to keep them as a customer you can usually alter the scenario to make it more comfortable for yourself. You can also recommend other models that you know do participate in their chosen fetish / roleplay which will better their experience communicating with you and will likely bring them back for things that you are comfortable with doing.

If you deem a taboo roleplay to be safe and non-offensive, feel free to try it so long as it doesn’t break site rules! Many customers will be willing to work with you to help you adapt to the role you take on and will answer your questions to help you get a more accurate portrayal of the person or idea that you are roleplaying. Make sure you establish your limits before accepting the live show, or clearly describe the actions and limits you will and will not do for custom clips. In pre-made clips you most likely won’t run into this issue since there isn’t negotiation, just make sure to have a clear and accurate description so the buyer knows what to expect.

Is there a large adult buyers market for roleplaying?

The audience for roleplay is vast and you likely have even roleplayed without thinking about it. You may even consider your cam or clip persona that is slightly hyper-sexualized as a roleplay. A quick scroll through any popular porn clip site will show you tons of roleplay ideas that you may not have even considered roleplay to begin with. How many MILFs really have kids? How many “slutwives” are actually married? There is a huge market of roleplay porn because there is a huge market of people buying this kind of content, roleplaying adds a layer of fun to your typical porn scene because it adds a story to the sex and can help create suspense for the viewer much like watching a movie or playing a video game. Pornography is a form of entertainment which is something that roleplay helps provide.

Tips to Prepare for a Roleplay:

  • Delve into the Persona – are you playing a specific person? Listen to the music they listen to while you get ready, style your hair the way they would, and really embrace who they are before getting started with your show or clip.
  • Relax – whatever person or idea you are creating is human just like you and me, which means they will occasionally stutter or stumble over words. It’s okay to be nervous, try to relax and remember you don’t have to always nail your delivery and be planned five steps ahead in your mind. Sometimes it’s even easier to improv and work off of customer cues!
  • Use Physical Items as Representation – if the thing you are roleplaying as wears something specific like a favorite color, or has a birth mark, or a hair color, you can reinforce your cosplay with physical items like wearing similar clothes, using wigs, and special effect type makeup to help your customer stay focused on the character without you needing to speak the character in existence.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – gather all of the information that you need beforehand to make sure the buyer will be happy and will be a return customer!

Best Adult Webcam Sites for Roleplay Shows:

  • ChaturbateChaturbate is one of the top webcam sites on the web, with so many visitors to the site this is a great place to attempt public token style roleplay shows, or customers can take you to a private show for a one-on-one experience. Many models on Chaturbate have had positive experience with roleplay style shows that focus on cosplaying characters from TV shows or movies.
  • ManyVids (MV Live) ManyVids has a large audience of roleplay fans with many of their top models being cosplay or roleplay focused models. Utilizing MV Live to promote an upcoming roleplay video release can be very beneficial, you can also create your costume on MV Live to engage your customers! They also have a private feature where customers can get a one-on-one experience with you and get a live version of your roleplay videos available in your MV Store.
  • SkyPrivateSkyPrivate or any Adult Skype Show platform is a great option for roleplay shows because you can discuss all the details regarding the show beforehand in Skype chat before entering the show so there is no time spent on video chat out of character. Skype shows are a more personalized one-on-one experience that allow you to interact with the viewer in a way which is harder to do on sites without a cam to cam feature. This can take some of the pressure out of roleplay shows because you have someone to bounce back and forth with rather than trying to have a sexy conversation with yourself for someone else’s entertainment.

Best Porn / Clip Sites for Roleplay Videos:

There is no “best site” when it comes to selling roleplay videos because you are able to sell videos across multiple platforms and unless you’re in an exclusive contract with a site, we encourage you to do so. You should sign up for as many clip sites as you are able to juggle and list your videos there to maximize your exposure!


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