The Club Leader contest has made its return to ManyVids and supports free votes as well as model club activity.

How do the club points work?  

  • Free Votes – 1 point each 
  • First-time Club Activation – 10,000 points 
  • Club Feed “Like” (on paid posts only) – 10 points 
  • Club Feed “Comment” (on paid posts only) – 50 points 
  • Club Feed “Share” (on paid posts only) – 100 points 
  • Trial Subscription – 100 points 
  • 1-month Subscription – 1000 points 
  • 3-month Subscription – 5000 points 
  • 6-month Subscription – 10,000 points 
  • 12-month Subscription – 20,000 points 
  • New Club Vid Upload – 500 points 
  • New Club Pic Upload – 250 points per photo 
  • New Club Text Post – 100 points 

If you’d like to participate in the club contest then you can upload your entry on the contest page and encourage activity on your MV Club. The first place prize is $750, the second place prize is $500, the third place prize is $250, and the “Club Choice” is $100. Top club earners also earn prizes every month so you can double your luck by promoting this contest in addition to further your odds in the top club earners climb!

Join ManyVids to Participate in Club Contests

If you want to sell videos, stream, and offer fanclub content in a cool and creative atmosphere and participate in exciting contests every week for potential prizes then signup for ManyVids today!

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