This is a recording of the Webcam Startup “Live Model Help Show” discussing Diversifying and Maintaining Your Income! The topics of discussion include:

– The difference between indie sites and big box sites

– Our recommended “formula for success” when balancing income and website diversification

– The importance of a personal branded website for directing your traffic where you want it to go

– Identifying supply and demand to keep your income maintainable

– Prioritizing content that you know sells well

– Exploring new niches without impacting your current income

– Running sales and promotions on your content

– Giving out content for free, is it worth it?

– Using link trackers to track your conversions

– Being patient and waiting to see results

– Are equipment upgrades necessary for success?

– Not blaming equipment for lack of sales

– Finding a comfortable balance before exploring growth options

– Focusing on minimum input for maximum output

– Time investments and upcycling old content

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