On June 14th you have the chance to live stream video games or a game themed stream and potentially win prizes! Whether you’re playing a game, showing off a cosplay, or listening to your favorite video game soundtrack you’ll be eligible to win prizes if you record your live stream from June 14th and post it to your profile using the #ManyVidsLiveGaming tag by June 16th.

There are 3 prizes up for grabs with this contest including:

  • Most Live Viewers: $1,000
  • Best VOD Upload: $1,000
  • Team Choice: $1,000

ManyVids advises you to advertise your show on social media to ensure you’ll get viewers to your stream and make sure to press record on your stream so you can potentially win the Best VOD upload!

Join ManyVids to Participate

If you want to sell videos, stream, and offer fanclub content in a cool and creative atmosphere and participate in exciting contests for potential prizes then signup for ManyVids today!

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