Submitting PR as an Independent Webcam Model / Pornstar

Getting attention online is an important way to bring awareness and paying customers to your brand and a major way to improve your online presence is through submitting press releases. Press releases are usually one document that is submitted to multiple news outlets that they can post about and report on, many adult industry news outlets allow submissions to help improve the diversity of their content and it also provides the posting website with a chance to rank on search engines for your information and name which is mutually beneficial to them and to you as the submitting party. In addition to getting the attention and followers that come along with getting a press release on a major site, it is also a great opportunity for models to build DoFollow links for their personal websites or blogs and increase their own SEO value.

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What should I submit press releases about as an independent performer?

As an independent performer, it can seem weird to submit a press release about events or small things that you plan yourself on such a small scale, but even small events can be worthy of a press release. You can submit press releases when you plan to attend events (even virtual ones!) or are nominated for awards, when you are trying to get nominated for an award, when you plan a live cam event like a cam-a-thon or holiday/birthday shows, when you collaborate with other performers, when you put out a new exciting video release, when you have a special sale, if you are doing a give away, or when you launch your content on a new website! There are plenty of opportunities to gain exposure and reviewing sites that host performer submitted PR can be a good way to give yourself ideas of your own releases to submit!

What information should I include in my press releases?

Your press releases should include all of your contact information for potential follow-ups, and should have relevant links to your social media, websites that are involved in the release (for example: if you are launching content on a new site, the link to your profile on the site should be included,) video or photo content that is eye catching, a descriptive title, and a well written description. If your press release involves an event happening on a specific day or at a specific time, you should make sure to provide the date and time as well as the time zone that the time applies to. Some performers prefer to create a generic copy and paste with their contact information that they can put into all of their press releases which can reduce the amount of time it takes to draft your press release. Additionally, performers sometimes create a media kit that they will send with their PRs that include photos of themselves, links to articles you have been featured in before, links to your social media and relevant adult sites, and some information about you.

Where can I submit PR as an independent performer?

  1. Webcam Startup – Our news site accepts model press releases through our contact form.
  2. XBIZ – XBIZ is a popular adult media platform that specializes in news regarding the mainstream and indie adult industry, they accept model press releases and much more.
  3. AVN – AVN (Adult Video Network) specializes in mainstream coverage but has also diverged into the indie community through their award shows as well as by accepting model press releases and with the launch of their own fan club platform.
  4. YNOT – YNOT is a comprehensive network of adult oriented sites including a news site as well as an adult friendly newsletter / email system.
  5. AdultWebmastersOnline – An adult industry webmaster site, great for link building.
  6. AdultChamber – Another highly webmaster based site that is good for link building.
  7. Mike South – A controversial “porn star gossip” and adult industry news site, although the content can be highly opinionated it is beneficial because it draws a large audience.
  8. PayoutMag – A fairly generic adult news website that accepts model press releases.
  9. LADBible – An entertainment site that features an adult entertainment category, this site is not well suited for your generic press releases but if you do happen to release a funny meme-able video or something with some pop culture hilarity to it, you may get featured.

Depending on what your press release is about you can also submit your news to mainstream sites that have interest in the adult industry. For example, if you write a blog about how Snapchat is dying and OnlyFans is taking over in the adult industry that is something that might appeal to the mainstream audience a bit more than a press release that is specifically about an event you are having. Writing blogs about the adult industry and submitting them to mainstream platforms can be a great opportunity to get exposure in addition to submitting your typical porn press releases. Reaching out to the sites that you sell content on to see if they offer interview opportunities or model blog posts is also a great way to grow your audience.

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