Search Engine Optimization For Camgirls

Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) is the act of making your content rank higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Search engine algorithms are very complex, and it’s believed that there’s over 300 signals in Google’s algorithm. Knowing every single signal isn’t too important, but there are some basic best practices for making content rank higher. Being aware of these best practices will help you identify issues and tactics that can be used for higher search rankings.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the act of optimizing your website to perform better in search engines. There’s two main kinds of SEO: onsite and offsite. We’ll explain more of that further down. Search engines have complex algorithms and there’s a lot that determines the ranking of a website. You don’t need to know every algorithm signal in order to do SEO. We list the most important (and easy to understand) ones in this guide.

Why SEO Is Important For Pornstars

Converts Better: Search engine traffic is some of the best traffic that you can possibly get. Organic search traffic is known to convert higher than any other traffic source. This is because the search engines are matching the searchers for the exact type of content they’re looking for.

Steady Traffic: It does take time and effort to get ranked, but once ranked, the search engines will provide a steady stream of traffic to your site(s).

Fight Piracy: It’s also important to point out that pirate sites get traffic from the search engines. By making sure that your various web properties rank higher (website, clip sites, cam sites, social media, etc) you’ll push results with your stolen content further down the results, making it less effective.

Building A Website

If you’re not already running a website, it’s definitely something you’re going to want to look into. There’s a lot of reasons why you should consider running a website. It’s a place where you can list all your camming sites, clip sites, social and other networks. Many networks (like Twitter, for example) gives you a single website to list. If you’re performing on multiple sites, you have to pick and choose. If you have a website, simply place that there and from the website anyone can find the rest of your sites.

Also, some sites (like Chaturbate, for example) don’t allow linking to other camming sites. This includes sites like ManyVids, even though it’s a primarily a clip site. But you can link to your website from Chaturbate and to ManyVids from there.

The website can also generate revenue itself. This could be through membership sales, live camming and clip sales. Therefore, the website isn’t only a marketing tool, but also a source of income!

The website is also very easy to SEO, especially if you’ve got a domain that’s also your performer name ( Running SEO on your website is going to be easier than trying to SEO other sites, as you’ve got more control over it.

If you don’t already run a website, check out our guide. It goes over all the various platforms (including some designed for models that are 100% free and very easy to build).

Learn More: Web Development For Webcam Models

SEO For Clip Stores and Camming Profiles

The website isn’t the only thing that you can make rank in Google and other search engines. Your camming site profile and clip stores can also be ranked using the exact same tactics that we’re going to be discussing below. The difference between ranking your profile on a camming or clip site and ranking a website is that you have less control over the web property itself. Still, it’s possible to build links to your various profiles (explained below) and you can use whatever text areas the site will allow to draft up some content.

Why You Should SEO Your Profiles

Google (and other search engines) will usually only give one 1st page ranking to each website for each search result. That means for queries such as your pornstar name (very important) your website will usually only have a shot at one ranking. Same with each of your clip sites, camming sites and social media profiles.

By making sure all of them are optimized, you can easily get your profiles as all the 1st page rankings. These are your most valuable sites and you want them ranking for these kind of queries, as opposed to web properties you don’t control. This is especially true when it comes to pirate sites.

Onsite Optimization Vs Offsite Optimization

It’s important to note that there’s two main types of SEO: Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO. We explain both of them below, as well as give some of the more important ranking factors.

Onsite SEO Optimization

“Onsite SEO” deals with all the onsite tweaks and optimization. Onsite optimization is very important. If you do not have any content on your website, it’s never going to rank. Every new piece of content added to a website has a chance of targeting a new set of search phrases, or “longtail search results”. That is why actively adding content will do wonders for your SEO.

Main Onsite SEO Ranking Factors

Know the Important Onsite Ranking Factors – There are certain onsite SEO elements that are more important than others. Knowing what signals are important will greatly help with your onsite SEO. Paying attention to how optimized these elements are will ensure that your SEO is optimal as possible:

URL-Structure: Having keywords in the URL structure will help rank for those keywords.

Header Text: You only want one H1 (header-1) per page. This is usually the title. You can have unlimited H2 or H3 on the page. Make sure to switch up the header text and make sure there’s keywords and/or search phrases contained in the various header-texts.

Image Name / Meta: Name the file names of all uploaded images like you would the URL-structure: “keywords-in-file-name.jpg”. Google can’t really tell what the images are, so the crawlers use file name and other data to try to tell what it’s about. Also include an “alt text” and “meta description” for each uploaded photo and video. Not only will image optimization help rank the photos higher in image search, but it’ll also help the webpage itself rank in organic Google search.

Text: You’ll want text to backup your header text. There is a certain “keyword density” that is optimal, but I never advise people to focus on that. Instead, focus on writing some badass content. If you’re a good writer, and the webpage is focused on a specific topic (This one is obviously focused on webcam model SEO) then the content should be focused enough to have a decent keyword density .

Internal Linking – Internal links behave much like “backlinks” (see the below section on Offsite Optimization). The “PageRank” (magical ranking force for Google) will flow through the internal links on a website. When a search engine crawler travels from page to page via internal links, the crawler will look at the “anchor text” (or highlighted words on the link) to help determine what the page is about. By adding keywords and phrases to the internal links on a website (please make sure the anchor text is relevant!) it’s possible to use new content and the links contained in it to slowly bump up the rankings of the other pages on your site.

301 Redirects – If you’re deleting a page on your site, be sure to 301 redirect it to another relevant page on your site. A 301 redirect tells search engines that the content has moved, and all the pages former ranking power will be transferred to the new page via 301 redirect.

Website Speed / Performance – Google and other search engines will give a slight boost to sites that run faster. There are many methods of making the website run faster, including site caching, CSS optimization, SQL optimization, better hosting and many other methods. This not only will help your SEO, but will help with the user-experience as well.

Website Age – Older websites will usually rank better. This is also because other websites usually have more backlinks as well.

Photo File Name / Meta Data – When uploading photos, be sure to fill out the alt text. Also, be sure to have the name of the actual photo files keyword rich.

Blogging / Content Creation

One of the best ways to do onsite SEO is through blogging. A platform such as WordPress is a blogging platform, making it perfect. Other website builders such as ModelCentro also have blogging features. Each blog post can have the potential to target a wide range of of search queries. Each blog post can also be used to build internal links to the bigger main pages, thus raising up their search engine rankings.

Camgirl Blogging Ideas:

  • New Clips / Scenes – Release a new clip? Blog about it on your main site! You can also link to wherever it’s available for purchase, thus building backlinks to those pages on other sites as well!
  • Competing In A Contest – Competing in a contest? That’s something you can blog about as well!
  • Attending An Event – If you’re attending an event, that’s something that’s also perfect for blogging. It’s a great way to let your fans know what events they can catch you at as well.
  • Cross-Promo With Other Models – Did you do a collab shoot? Maybe you just want to trade blog shoutouts? Cross-promo with other models is a great way to keep the blog fresh. If they also blog about you, you can both get a backlink out of it!
  • Stories / Personal Life – Make sure to not get too revealing and dox yourself! Sharing personal stories and experiences is a good way for your fans and customers to get to know you better.
  • Unboxing / Wish List Purchases – A great way to do this is by embedding a YouTube video. It’s SFW enough to fly on YouTube and you’ll get exposure from the blog as well as from YouTube.

Offsite SEO Optimization

The second part of SEO is the off site portion. This is all the optimizations that occur elsewhere on the web. The bulk of off site optimization is building backlinks. Backlinks (or links from another website to yours) count as “internet votes” in the eyes of Google and other search engines. The concept is simple; People will link to good content and they won’t link to bad content.

Adult / Porn Link building

Linkbuilding is very difficult in the adult niche. Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team says it best: “Porn sites are possible, but nobody links to porn.” This is a challenge for adult webmasters (and webcam models!). There’s two kinds of backlinks: DoFollow and NoFollow. DoFollow backlinks provide better results, but NoFollow helps with SEO as well.

List of Sites To Build DoFollow Backlinks

ModelCentro – Platform offering free membership sites for adult models. Models can use their own domain, or a subdomain of Model Centro. Camming models can build DoFollow links using the Model Centro platform. ModelCentro also has a forum with DoFollow backlinks.

NiteFlirt – Network for paid adult phone calls. Models that signup are given profile pages where links can be added.

XVideos – XVideos is a porn tube site that allows verified models to enter a website address. The website links are DoFollow.

List of Sites To Build NoFollow Backlinks

Chaturbate – Chaturbate models can add backlinks to their profiles. These backlinks are NoFollow.

ExtraLunchMoney – Models can build NoFollow backlinks from the profile page and through the forum area.

OnlyFans – OnlyFans is a cool social network style site that allows models to also earn money from selling monthly subscriptions for content. OnlyFans offers all users a NoFollow profile link.

LoyalFans – LoyalFans is a new fanclub platform powered by Clips4Sale. LoyalFans models are able to indicate a website link. The website link is NoFollow.

Pornhub – Pornhub has a Verified Amateur Program where producers / models can earn from a wide range of ways. Verified Amateurs get a NoFollow website link on their profile pages.

Sharesome – Sharesome is an adult social network. The profile link is NoFollow, and it doesn’t seem like search engines crawl the actual posts.

Switter – Switter is an adult-oriented Twitter alternative build on the Mastodon platform. Switter is designed primarily for escorts, but camming models can take advantage of the platform as well.

Twitter – Twitter is a popular (and adult-friendly) social network that provides a NoFollow website link.

Forums and Communities

AmberCutie – Camming forum offering NoFollow backlinks. AmberCutie has an advertising section as well.

FreeOnes – The FreeOnes forum is a great place to get really easy NoFollow backlinks.

Piracy, DMCA and Search Engines

As mentioned earlier, one of the people you’re going to be competing with in the search engine results is pirate sites. It’s a no-brainer that you want your sites and profiles (website, social media, camming sites, clip sites, ect) to rank higher than any stolen content. When it comes to pirated content, there’s a way to get those search engine results removed.

Submitting DMCA requests to search engines is very effective. Because all the major search engines are located within the United States, they must comply with all US intellectual property laws. This means honoring DMCA takedown requests.

Warning About Sending Your Own DMCA Takedowns!

Although sending DMCA takedown notices to the search engines is a great way to remove the pirate sites and get your content ranking higher, there are some privacy concerns. All DMCA takedown notices are made public in the Lumen Database. If webcam models use their real name and personal information for these takedown requests, they will essentially be doxxing themselves! Luckily, most camming and clip sites offer DMCA services and will send out these takedown notices on your behalf!

How To Do Adult Video SEO

Video SEO is a huge element to SEO in the adult industry. This is especially true if you’re an amateur porn producer. Optimizing content for video SEO will make your video content show up in the video search for Google and other search engines. Generally, video SEO is less competitive than normal SEO, as you’re only competing with web pages with video content, opposed to every webpage on the internet.

How To Rank Videos For Video Search

Just like in normal SEO, there’s tons of factors that go into ranking a video in search. Here are some of the main things to consider when doing video SEO:

Video File Name – Because search engines do not possess the logic to be able to watch videos and determine what the video content is about, they use the video file name to better determine the content of the video. Instead of a filename such as video1.mp4, use a filename such as solo-masturbation-in-bedroom.mp4. Make sure it’s keyword rich, describes the video, has all lowercase and the words are separated by dashes.

Meta Title – Search engines also look at the meta information of a video. The meta title is the most important of the meta information.

Meta Description – The meta description isn’t quite as important as the title, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not important.

Other On-Page Content – Search engines will look at the rest of the content on the page to better determine what the video is about. In most cases, the video is related to the text on the page. You usually don’t see a video on cooking included on a webpage about auto repair.

Authority Of The Site / Page – A video on a webpage and website that has a high authority will have an easier time ranking than a video added to a site with a low authority.

Both Embeds and Hosted Files Can Be Ranked

Most people don’t realize that you can embed a video on a web page and get the web page with the embedded video to rank for video search. It seems that it’s much harder to rank and embed for video search than it is to rank a web page with the actual MP4 (or other video file) contained directly on the page.

That is because there’s no actual filename and file meta on the actual web page. Search engines can’t watch the movie, so they look at the file name and meta information to get more information on what the video file is about. Without that information, Google has to go with the other content on the web page (text, images, ect) containing the embedded video to try to determine what the embedded video file is about.

If you’re trying to rank a page with an embedded video file for Google video search, make sure to pay attention and optimize the text and other onsite-elements for search.

Sites You Can Upload Videos To and Get Indexed

Here are some sites you can upload your adult video content to and get it ranked.

Porn Tube Sites

Tube sites get great traffic and also perform real well in video search. Uploading your videos to tube sites is one of the easiest ways to get them ranked in video search as well. To get your videos to rank better, make sure you use a good title full of keywords that people might be Googling when looking for the type of video you’re offering.

Also be sure to take advantage of any revenue-sharing programs the tube sites might be offering, uploading a banner to your website if it’s an option and watermarking your content so people know where to find you at.


ExtraLunchMoney works just like ManyVids. It’s possible to create a short video teaser for the videos you’ve got for sale. ExtraLunchMoney takes it a step further and offers you an embed code. By copying / pasting the embed code onto your website or blog, the short video preview will show up wherever you add the code. This is great for promoting all the ExtraLunchMoney content that you’re selling on your website and other web properties.


ModelCentro is a platform for easily building your own membership fanclub site. ModelCentro gives you an easy-to-use visual website builder and makes it incredibly easy to customize your site and add content. Best of all, it’s 100% free to get started! ModelCentro allows you to offer short video teasers for potential customers. It’s possible for these short video teasers to appear in Google video search. ModelCentro is great for video SEO, as it leads to your site and not your profile page on another site.


YouTube is perhaps the easiest site to rank video content on. That’s because Google also owns YouTube and they play very nicely together. The disadvantage is that YouTube is not adult-friendly! That doesn’t mean that you can’t use the platform. By creating safe-for-work content, you can still build up name recognition and reach YouTube’s massive audience. They’ve even got a content partnership program where you can get paid from revenue the ads on your video generate.


Vimeo is another video sharing site. It allows Artistic Nudity as long as the primary purpose of the content isn’t sexual stimulation. Seeing how the purpose of camming and adult content sales is sexual stimulation, be careful if you’re featuring nudity in your content. It might be safer to go for the safe-for-work approach. It’s still a site where yo ucan reach a large audience and build up name recognition.

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