How To Get Started With The Smoking Fetish

The Smoking Fetish is a very common fetish and has been for as long as I can remember. It started way back in the early days where cigarettes were marketed as a “trendy” item for hot women to puff on, somehow hightening their attractiveness. While many people today may not even realize it, cigarette smoking can sometimes make or break how attractive a person seems. I personally (being bisexual) have always thought women who smoked did appear attractive, but what is the mentality behind this?


What Makes People Find The Smoking Fetish Hot?

Women who smoke generally appear to have a “care free” attitude mainly due to the fact that smoking does pose a major health risk. When you see a woman smoking it’s easy to think, basically, “she doesn’t give a f***, and that’s hot.” If you’re already a cigarette smoker then hooray! You are already a step into being able to cater to the audience of smoking fetishizers that live online. Trust me there are a ton of them! If you don’t smoke (or don’t own your house and can’t smoke inside) there are also viable alternatives.


Vape Pens As A Cigarette Alternative

Investing in a vape pen or mod can be a great alternative to cigarettes, and is my favored source of smoke for smoke fetish shows. Certain styles can even allow you to adjust the power to control the size of the “clouds” you inhale and exhale. This is a great option for non-smokers because there are nicotine free options, but your viewers still gets the same impact of smoke from the show! If you are 420 friendly but don’t smoke cigarettes (if your viewer is keen on cigarettes, some don’t mind where the smoke comes from) you can get joint papers that look like a cigarette or a one hitter that mimics a cigarettes appearance.


If You Can’t Smoke Indoors You Can Always Smoke Outdoors

The best way to avoid repercussions for smoking if you do rent is to make outdoor smoking clips, since they don’t have to be sexual you can simply smoke and record it without worrying about public indecency. Be creative! You could mix smoking with some GFE and make your viewer feel like they’re really there with you. If you are more daring you can also do some outdoor flashing/masturbating (This should be done in a private yard.) Be careful when making smoking videos, in your attempt to get the perfect shot do not smoke too many cigarettes as this can make you sick!


Getting Started With Smoking Fetish Clips and Shows

So how do you go about doing smoking camming shows or go about making clips? A lot of focus on the exhale is important, make sure you get close to the camera for some exhales and really let the smoke fill up the frame to dramatize the smoking. You can also mix this fetish with other fetishes (for example: smoking and ignoring, or human ashtray.) Make sure if you are in a rental property that you have proper ventilation for the smoke to leave the room so you don’t lose your deposit!


More Fetish How-To’s And Information

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