How To Get Started With Sock Fetish Videos and Shows

Everyone knows about the foot fetish, but do you know much about it’s lesser known sister: the sock fetish? Sock fetishes can be divided into two large categories, the fetishist who loves the sock, or the fetishist who loves the foot that is in the sock but only with the sock on. You can dive even deeper into these categories and find many fun and sometimes odd things to do with the fetish, but at the end of the day when you begin to produce sock clips or provide sock cam shows, you’re going to want to know if your customer is an all about the sock or foot guy (or girl, whatever. We don’t judge!)


The Sock Fetish Is Very Easy To Do!

The sock fetish is a very fun fetish because something as simple as a sock style can get your customer off. Have you heard of Tabi Socks? There is a fetish for them. (Have you looked them up? I swear it’s worth a search.) The sock fetish can also expand into other more intricate things, like the smell, material, tightness, and length. A majority of sock fetishists do tend to lean towards the “smelly sock” fetish, where the model teases with her feet in her socks and describes what they smell like to the viewer. When your feet smell, what do they smell like? Be as detailed as possible… cheese, vinegar, rotten milk (I mean, hey, if they like it nasty they like it nasty.)


How To Setup The Shots For Clips / Camming Shows

Great angles for sock fetish clips don’t always have to be foot close ups. A lot of viewers do actually like seeing your face, even if their fetish is your feet! Switching up angles to keep the clip fresh and enticing will definitely help your sock fetish clips! You can do this in your shows as well, if you don’t constantly want to be moving your camera around you can hold your legs in different positions, flex your toes, point your toes, arch your feet, etc.


How Popular Sock Fetish Is On The Clip Sites

The sock fetish is a moderately popular category with over 6,000 videos on Clips4Sale, over 5,000 on ManyVids, and over 6,000 on iWantClips. It is a fetish that does tend to get mixed in with Encouragement or Domination, which perform better on C4S and IWC. This is probably why there are more sock fetish clips on those sites. Those sites also have more solo sock fetish videos, while MV has more “sock job” style videos. Make sure you know the audience you are targeting when posting sock fetish content!


Make Extra Money From Selling Your Used Socks

The sock fetish is also a great way to make the leap into selling goods to customers, sock fetishists often love to own the socks that they see in your videos! What is a good price for selling socks? When picking a price for my goods I always try to make a 3x profit of how much the product cost me, and then add shipping. So if someone wants to buy my thigh high socks that I paid $18 for, they will ultimately end up paying $60. Around $7 for the shipping will leave you with a $53 profit if you don’t want to replace the socks and a $35 profit if you do end up replacing the socks. If you keep buying and selling the same style of socks making a $35 profit each time, you can generate quite the consistent income on sock selling!


More Fetish How-To’s And Information

Interested in learning more about the different fetishes, plus getting helpful hints and tips such as what was found in this article? Check out the fetish section of our site. It lists a wide range of fetishes and gives tips and tricks that will help performers perform fetish shows and produce fetish clips. There’s a lot of fetishes out there, and your most profitable fetish might be something you never even considered. See what’s out there and learn how to cater to that fetish.

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