CEI (Cum Eating Instruction) Cam and Clip Tutorial

CEI (Cum Eating Instructions) is a fairly popular fetish. This post will go over the fetish and talk about how performers can make money off CEI clips and camming shows. CEI can also be paired with other fetishes. If the customer hasn’t came yet, JOI / JOE and CEI can pair very well together. CEI also can be used as part of a domme / sub relationship. Here’s some tips for catering to the CEI fetish.


What Is CEI / Cum Eating Instructions?

CEI / Cum Eating Instructions is a fetish where a male is told how to go about consuming their cum. This might include how to cum, where to cum and what to do with the cum afterwards. Most of the customers who are looking for CEI fetish clips or camming shows do eat their cum, although not all of them. Some are just turned on by the instructions themselves. CEI fits in real nicely with femdom and can be used as part of a domme / sub relationship.


When A Potential Customer Hasn’t Came Yet

Often-times, someone seeking a CEI camming show will not have cum yet. In this case, they’re often looking for a different type of show prior to the CEI show, as they can’t eat the cum until they’ve came. Sometimes they’ve been edging and are ready to cum when booking a show. In that case, you might only have to give instructions on the actual cumming, and then can bust right into the CEI session.


When A Potential Customer Has Already Came

There’s a chance that the customer looking for the show has already came. Sum customers even store their cum and might have a huge cache at their disposal. If this occurs, you’re ready to get right into the CEI show. Nothing is required to get the customer to cum first.


Cam-to-Cam and Watching The Actual Act

A lot of people into CEI camming shows like to do Cam-to-Cam so that you can watch them as they eat their cum. This might be part of the whole act that turns them on. This could also be due to domme / sub relationship, where the sub wants the domme to watch them following their instructions.


Some Customers Don’t Actually Eat Their Cum

There are some customers that don’t actually eat their cum. For them, the actual fetish and turn-on is in the instructions themselves. If they’re booking a camming show, they’ll most likely not have their cam turned on, and their interests will solely be in the instructions itself.


Using Special Items / Tools For The Fetish

For CEI shows and clips, it’s useful to use different items or tools for consuming the cum. This might range from a shot class to a turkey baster and everything in between. Get creative on what you have them use to consume the cum and how they go about consuming it. Pretty much anything that can be used to store and consume the cum. If you’re using any household items, be sure to tell them to grab these items before hand, so they’re not running around the house while they’re about to blow their load.


It’s Important To Be Very Specific / Descriptive

When giving the instructions, it’s important to be very specific about the instructions. Be very descriptive about what you want and how you want them to do it. This might not just be on how to consume their jizz. You might also have to tell them when to cum, how to cum and of course, what to do with it afterwards.


Eating Another Males Cum (Forced Gay/Bi)

Sometimes, the instructions might be to eat another man’s cum. This is something that is way more common in domme / sub relationships, which sometimes incorporate forced-gay / forced-bi as part of the domination.


Pairing With Other Fetishes: JOI / Femdom

The CEI fetish pairs well with a lot of other fetishes. As mentioned many times above, many times the customer hasn’t blown his load. In that case, he’ll be looking for a show before the CEI session even begins. This show could be just about anything. JOI/JOE is a very common fetish that pairs with CEI for this purpose. Also mentioned above, CEI pairs well with a lot of femdom content and shows, and can be incorporated into many domme / sub relationships. Get creative about what type of fetishes you might be able to pair CEI with.


More Fetish How-To’s And Information

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