Tips For Models Who Want To Become FemDoms

Female Domination is a hugely popular niche in the online adult entertainment market. As the profile of top online dommes has risen, so has the interest from both sides of the equation: customers looking for domme content, and models from both the fetish and vanilla arenas looking to cash in on the desire for domination. Some models choose to go “full domme”, creating a persona where domination is the central hub of all of their content, but for other models this isn’t practical. Unless you want to create a second persona or re-brand, how can the “girl/MILF next door” work domination into their arsenal?


Determine which subsets of female domination appeal to you

Just like any other fetish, within the female domination world, there are many, many niches to explore. Scroll through them, look them up (I recommend Bing over Google for this, personally, as it seems to censor adult results less or at least in a less annoying fashion), buy some clips, read some descriptions. Look for kinks that interest you, that build off of your talents, and that don’t require purchasing any new equipment or outfits.


Put your own spin on the standard offering

Work with what you have, and let your own personality come through. There is definitely a “top domme look”, and it can be tempting to try to shape yourself in that image in the hopes of increasing sales. I tried it, but it just didn’t suit me, and it was clear in my content that it wasn’t me. Use outfits you like, even if they’re not what other dommes are wearing. Film in sets you like, even if it’s not the “top selling” background. FemDom content has a tendency for a lot of the top content to look alike in certain ways, and a lot of models new to the niche try to duplicate that look, but it is very obvious when it’s not working. You can make domme content that sells well without trying to create the proper domme look, so allow your content to look like YOUR content, not like generic domme content.


Be honest about your comfort zone and limitations

I advertise myself as a mild-to-moderately “mean” domme. I am a teasing, mocking, mean-girl type domination style as opposed to a hardcore humiliatrix. That is my style, that is the type of performance I am comfortable with, and I am up front with new customers about it when they tell me they wish to be submissive. About ⅓ of potential customers end up not doing a show with me (or buying a custom video, etc) because they are looking for someone harsher or otherwise different AND THAT IS PERFECTLY FINE.

One of the wonderful things about domination is that there are as many different styles as their are dommes, and being honest about your comfort zone and limitations will lead to some missed income, yes, but will also lead to better reviews and happier clients. Don’t be afraid to be a “starter domme”! I’m proud that I have been an introduction to domination for many clients who later went on to a stricter domme once they got their feet wet and had a chance to experience submission with a more approachable model while they worked out where their interests lay.


Accept that domination isn’t right for everyone

It’s okay if you never get comfortable with domination. The most important part of any show is engaging with your client in a genuine way, and if you’re forcing yourself to offer a particular type of show that you aren’t comfortable with, it will absolutely show through, and is unlikely to result in repeat business. You don’t have to do domination to be successful. there is plenty of room in other fetishes to make your money.


Invent Your Own Domme Style

Finding my own style of domination took time, but I’m glad I stuck to my guns and resisted the urge to conform to the “domme template”. The domme shows I do are unique to me, and there are lots of customers who appreciate a different spin on their favorite kink.

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