How To Do Sissification Camming Shows and Clips

The sissification fetish is where a male is treated as a “Sissy”, which is a male that is made to act like a female. Sissification is very much a domme/sub relationship, and you’ll need a dominate personality in order to be good as sissification. There’s also a lot of other fetishes that can be combined with sissification. Here’s some tips on doing sissification camming shows and clips.


Discussing Soft Limits and Hard Limits

Like any domme/sub relationship, it’s important to discuss limits and expectations before-hand. There are also different types of sissies (female-identifying, cross-dressing, cuckold, the list goes on). It’s important to understand what type of sissy your customer wants to be before getting started. If there are any soft or hard limits, this should be discussed as well.

You also want to make sure that you don’t cross any of your own personal boundries. If the customer wants you to do (or make them do) some things that you are not comfortable with, then don’t do it! It’s not worth compromising you and your own limits!


How To Do Sissification (Training Your Sissy)

A big part of sissification is training your customer on how to be the best woman possible. This involves a lot of telling them what to do, how to act, and giving feedback on how good (or bad) of a sissy they’re being. Coming up with new and creative tasks is a big part of this, as you’ll need to keep things fresh and unique to prevent your sessions from getting stagnant and old.


Helping Your Sissy Pick Out A Name

The first thing you should do is help your sissies pick out their names. If their name has a feminine version (Chris and Christina, or John and Joanna, for example) than those names can work great.


What Do They Already Have? (Clothes, Makeup, ect)

Another thing you can do is figure out what they already have. If someone is into the sissification fetish, there’s a good chance that they’ve already got things like clothes and makeup. If they don’t, giving them shopping lists is one way to start the process out.


Sissy Tasks / Sissy Training

Giving tasks to your sissies in training is a great way to progress things. It takes the sissification off of webcam, and makes them incorporate it into their everyday life. This makes for some much stronger role-play. Here are some tasks that you can give your sissy:

Practice Your Makeup And Send Pictures – A real easy task is to have your sissy practice their makeup, nails and things like that. To make it more interactive, have them send you pictures.

Buying A Wig / Practicing Different Hair Styles – If your sissy has long hair, he/she can practice different feminine hair styles. If your sissy doesn’t have long hair, you can request your sissy gets a wig.

Buying Girl Clothes / Trying Partners Clothes On – You can send your sissy shopping for a new wardrobe. If they’ve got a partner, you can have your sissy dress in their clothes instead.

Buying and Using Toys – If this isn’t against your sissy’s hard limits, you can suggest that your sissy buys some toys and learns how to use them.

Doing “Traditional Female Gender Role” Activities – You can give your sissy tasks that are commonly associated with the “traditional female gender roles”. This includes cooking, cleaning, house-keeping and so on.


Incorporating Other Fetishes Into Sissification

Sissification can work great with a lot of other fetishes. for example, it’s easy to incorporate¬†Small Penis Humiliation into sissification. This is as easy as telling your sissy his penis is so small that it’s really a vagina or a clit, and they’re better off being a woman than a man. Chasity can also play into sissification, as it’s preventing the customer from accessing his penis.


Sissification Is *NOT* Transgender-Related

There’s a lot of people that assuming there’s a connection between transgender transitioning and sissification. This is not the case. There might be some transgenders that use sissification as a transformation tool, but in most case it’s a fetish thing for guys. These guys get off on being sexually degraded and being treated like a woman.


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